'God as My Witness, Not Once Was Biden Mentioned': Sec. Rick Perry Tells CBN News His Side of Ukrain

‘God as My Witness, Not Once Was Biden Mentioned’: Sec. Rick Perry Tells CBN News His Side of Ukraine Story

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  1. Praise Allah! Trump 2020, make him forever KING!!! Make Turkey and Saudi Arabia Great Again! We payed CA$H and soon Islam will be the official religion of the USA!! We Payed CA$H! Praise Allah!

  2. I actually feel bad for Perry…..even though he was not qualified for this position. How is Trump trying to BLAME him for HIS actions?

    Perry was doing EXACTLY what Biden's son was – capitalizing off his position.

    This IS America.

  3. Rick Perry has a long history documented corruption and lying. another POS under a rock in that swamp. Donald Trump is draining the swamp from within one freak at a time yay pack your s*** you going home

  4. "Discussed Ukrainian Corruption"
    Every time a Republican says that, you can actually see Putin pulling the strings, trying to deligitimize the people of Ukraine throwing out his puppet and trying to justify his occupation

  5. You have turned your back to God and embraced corruption, dishonesty, greed, lust, anger, jealousy, envy, gluttony and the biggest sin Trumps pride in only himself " Unmatched Genius" Yall won't go to hell because you disagree with me- You have disagreed with the teachings of Christ- You might as well melt your gold down and make a Trump statue to worship.

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