News on The 700 Club: October 7, 2019

As seen on “The 700 Club,” October 7, 2019.:

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  1. Hi, hackernoon team. I'd like to file a complaint. I'm scared of web crawler spiders. Please explain to me how Android programmers can have so much power. I'd like some reassurance that the commies and the deep state can be quashed. Can you reassure me that the robots won't revolt and bring on the socialist revolution that will destroy our country and Saint Koch Bros. I'm terrified of commies. Pls halp #andywashere

  2. Pat, I don’t appreciate your rhetoric. God has given Trump the mandate, not you. There is no way you could have made it through the last three years as Trump has by God’s grace. Please show a little humility. Criticism is easy. Positive support takes integrity.

  3. Wow, that old man has a full blown case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)!!! A Saudi journalist is totally irrelevant to US geo politics. He is out of his mind to say that President Trump should do anything regarding an incident with a Saudi citizen & Saudi government. America is not the police agent of the planet. This is exactly why the US has been dragged into endless wars. Pat is nothing more than a neo-con dupe with TDS. Sad to see his judgment has declined so severely with age.

  4. Wake up people, Trump is not concern about the Curds are these Christians that will be killed, because they are not white and a war with Turkey could hurt him in the election. Trump has also limited the amount of people that are being persecution from coming into the USA. that will mean even more Christian can’t get into the USA and will die. God help them. Wake up people.

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