A Tidal Wave of Transgender Regret for 'Hundreds' of People: 'They Don't Feel Better for It'

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  1. Be what you've already become. Yeshua's love is greater than your imagination, ask him to take away your feelings of guilt and to teach you all that you need to know about him. Choose to be alone and in awe of him. Then what does it matter what gender you've become. You no longer lay with any gender and you've got one good step up. Going from one gender to the next is physically and psychologically destructive to your mind and body and is also destructive to your spirit. Dont listen to what others say, you have a good start with Yeshua. If you must let go of a few people, your doing Yeshua's will anyway. Whoever comes back is in Yeshua's hands.

  2. I think it's disgusting, that Religious Folks call People who were Sexually Abused ' Sinners ' , because They turn out to be Gay or Go through Gender Transition, because of the Trauma. ……Blaming Rape Victims is a disgusting Element of the Religious Right. …..

  3. Every sane person has been say this and yet the transgender community keep pushing for this calling us transphobic & bigots. End result reality hits them hard. Its unfortunate for those who want to de-transition but are too far into or post-op that its not possible.

  4. Looks like the Transgender Fashion has come to a halt, but how do you get over the surgery? If you have had bits removed, I dont think they can grow new bits can you?
    Oh well, they will most likely blame the White Male, the Government or something like that

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