CBN NewsWatch AM: October 9, 2019

On Newswatch AM October 9th: the Supreme Court deals with important cases involving sexual identity, including transgender rights, that could have a nationwide impact; and more…

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  1. What about Heterosexual sexual rights? Christian Rights are just as important. If these genders want to impose on others they need their own restrooms ,their own shelters and their own businesses. It’s ridiculous how Americans &our childrens safety doesn’t matter

  2. This is wrong. A man wearing dress to work it's okay and they have right to do whatever they please???? No bird can wear a zebra's skin. Bird always bird and zebra always zebra. If the court rulings favor them it will destroy humanity.

  3. President should reject all testimony until He is afforded all right and the same rules used in the impeachment of President Clinton. If not the Dem's will prove their bias against President Trump and Republicans. It is time to get the deceit out in the open for all to see and a fair trial to take place. Its time to take a vote by all to remove Bias.

  4. There are only two genders in this world and each gender deserves the privacy of their own gender women in women facilities men and men facility the same thing for bathrooms and sports and whatever for shame on this country God's watching us not making him happy

  5. The Government of the United States of America is “” Totally Out of Control “”. Nothing shocks me anymore. It has gotten to the point where HOMOSEXUALITY RULES. Earthly Speaking – – that’s probably true – – BUT – – Payday is coming. God Rules in the end and Judgment Day is coming. When a person takes their last breath – they will be standing at the feet of Jesus and will account for the life He allowed them to live. Unfortunately – only one out of every 10 people on this Earth will enter Heaven. PLEASE everyone – Read the Book of John while you still have breath in your body – especially the 3rd. Chapter – Verse 3. Get your life straight with Jesus before you leave this Earth.

  6. This is for all negative comments about the transgender community, first of all, we are ALL born sinners, therefore, no human on this planet has the right to judge another human Matthew7:1, also try breading Galatians 3:28, hate is a mental issue, so is racism, in closing i will say this to haters, , If you dont understand the word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconisis then my IQ is well beyond your expectations, therefore, it is no need for me to respond to people below my intelligence

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