CBN NewsWatch PM: October 9, 2019

CBN Newswatch PM Oct. 9: Turkey’s military operation in Syria is underway; two people were killed in shooting attacks on a synagogue and a kebab shop in eastern Germany; and more…

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  1. How about American lives!!!!! Do these foolish broadcasters give a dam about American lives being wasted???? How many years do these desk jokeys think we should keep sending Americans home in body bags?

  2. yes pray for the kurds….. im sure US left some powerful weapons there….. the kurds are very capable and confident…. they are willing to fight it out with the turks for their homeland since they are better soldiers, more experience and knows the area… probably gain an upper hand, defeat the turks or at least create a stalemate and gain some autonomy or even independence

  3. a lot of innocent people die and there there is children in the dead one of them is only 2 years old God revenge for us we didn't done anything except killing ISIS Erdogan remember there is a god who will judge you for what you doing right now

  4. Go to YouTube type in ( Israeli News Live ) with Steven Ben-Nun go view his videos .He had loads of information on the Noahide Laws ( eurrofolkradiocom/2016/08/08/cm) A US Congressman 1972-92 named Bill Dannemeyer had slot to say about the Talmudic Noahide Laws ,I DON'T believe THAT any groups SHOULD BE ABLE TO KILL CHRISTIANS And what the Noahide Laws want to do to Christian believers that worship ( Jesus Christ )IS TO BEHEAD THEN FOR IT go to gov. Website Law 104-14 ,and H. J Resolution 102-14 public law Can go view for one self , before it gets removed. Then you will know more truth GO TO (RISE UP CHILDREN OF GOD )a view her video The Hard Truth About The Talmud pt1) But we have never heard of have we , yes I believe so Bush Sr. Signed them in to Law as did Trump but in 1991 congressman Dannemeyer said that others had hidden them under another title (Education Day USA)but later over the years They put them under ( Biblical education )wow At first it will be hard to believe , But do a little more research like Going and watch & listen to those videos by Steven and Jana Ben-Nun I thank God for there bravery for tell viewer's the TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. it hurts BUT THE TRUE WILL SET US FREE ….

  5. God bless and save us. Let all of us unite and pray as one in Christ Jesus our Lord. Dear brothers and sisters, we are at spiritual warfare. Please let us pray for GOD kingdom to be established in Earth as it is in Heaven. Wake up Folks. No more to lukewormness and passiveness. We love you, bless you, praise you and adore you Lord Jesus Christ. All the glory, honor, power, authority, strength, dominions, wisdom and riches are yours Lord Jesus Christ forever. May our Lord God bless us, save us and keep us in Jesus Christ Mighty Holy Name. Folks let us repent of our sins and pray faithfully.

  6. PREACH THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! (The Sermon on the Mount)… The Most Important Message you can Trust! Why are we Worrying about any of this? It was foretold this is what was going to happen 2000 years ago… We can't stop it! So Rejoice and Give All the Glory to our Father in Heaven Christ Jesus ❤ Until His Glorious Return. P.S kEEP YOUR LAMPS FILLED…..

  7. Any time something involving the Middle East is going down, you can't help but want to open your Bible. Even if you never believed in God. Or as it just so happened, you used to be a Christian, but not anymore. And soon enough, you get scared at how quickly things are happening. That and also the fact that you sort of don't want them to happen, you want to pretend, "No the Bible isn't legit, these crazy religious misanthropes are just trying to make a Self-fulfilling prophecy! Back to our cozy little lives, peace and safety! Peace and Safety! We are uninvolved!"

    … Hmm. This is merely an event that happened. People are dying, and somewhere at the bottom, religion and people with guns and hate as their motivation make most of the foundation for the recent. But someone has to make this whole mess stop. That someone is obviously not Biden, Trump, or Gaetz, or Lane or Silver or whoever.

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