UK Doc Fired for Not Calling Bearded Transsexual 'Madam' Will Appeal, Remain Faithful to Jesus Chris

UK Doc Fired for Not Calling Bearded Transsexual ‘Madam’ Will Appeal, Remain Faithful to Jesus Christ



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  1. You are not able to have subjective policies and laws, why?? It subjugates the public. Being offended is a choice. Even if you change your physical gender appearance, choose to call yourself, despite preferences on how you like to be addressed-scientifically down to the cellular level, we are different. Especially gender wise. Regardless, again, being offended is a choice, therefore making laws and policies regarding offense is subjective, doesn’t work.

  2. The UK is being taken over by fools. The UK can respect multi-culturism but essentially we are a Christian country and should uphold that. It is ridiculous when a doctor can be struck off for this when we have had doctors responsible for deaths through negligence and been allowed to continue to practice. It is the people heading the NHS that are driving this tom foolery and should be struck off. The NHS has Black History Day but no White History Day. There are specific Diversity Teams who uphold respect for black and ethnic minorities but not the same for the rights of white-British and Christian. It is hypocritical to make so much noise to uphold respect for certain groups of people ie poc and choice-gender and not for others ie white-British and Christians, in fact it is downright unethical and racist.

  3. What if he gets prostrate cancer or testicular cancer. What will the doctor do then? Will the Doctor say if the Doctor is forced to call him Madam, will he then say, Madam, you cannot have testicular cancer because females do not have testes?

  4. I am interested in what is behind and causing all this madness, l think it could be environmental, with water, food ,soil, contaminated with chemicals ,hormones,this could also be what's causing the epidemic of mental illness in our societies, fuelled by the doctors who experiment with dangerous toxins.l wish that someone like this doctor would research this and shine a light into the darkness of what is going on behind the scenes, because although there has always been low level perversion,it is now escalating to a pandemic.

  5. medically speaking, as long as he have XY gene and born male with male genitals and prostate etc.. he is a male and always will amount of estrogen can change that….whole years of being a doctor just to be destroyed by misgendering…put that "madam" in a boot camp so that he'll grow not only a beard but better..big balls

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