Christian World News – Christians, Kurds and Yazidis Under Attack

In Northeast Syria, Christians, Yazidis and Kurds live peacefully together and enjoy religious freedom. Now, Turkey’s invasion is forcing them to flee for their lives.
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  1. As Christ says, Pray for and Bless your adversaries and enemies and neighbours: God Bless And Show The Way to President Erdogan, such that he Repents and Becomes of Loving-Kindness Essence Ways, as Per God's Teachings. Let us Pray for all leaders/presidents/rulers/kings of the world to Repent and Become of Loving-Kindness Essence

  2. Im glad to be seen as an enemy to the state who claims they have the army of al-buraq muhammed. My Brothers and Sisters never lose Faith! For it is all written down, these are the beginning of sorrows it must come to pass, but remember we will prevail above all else! In Jesus name AMEN

  3. The President claims it costs the American tax payer a lot of money to protect the Kurds and Yazidis with a few dozen American soldiers , and then he sends hundreds of Soldiers to Saudi Arabia to protect the Islamic monarchy .
    Does he think all his evangelical supporters are Morons ?

  4. Time and again Turkey has shown its total unwillingness to be a productive partner of NATO (NORTH ATLANTIC treaty organization). There was a time when Turkey was needed as a memeber bc of its geographical proximity to the Middle East for use of their airports. With today's technology (drones) that proximity is not more needed and they get billions for it Think of their staged so-called coup which was used as pretext to TENS OF THOUSANDS arrests of teachers, lawyers, politicians, journalists, police and militarymen =change of society Or how he has tricked the world against one another with the Kashoggi case. How they were buying oil from ISIS and sold weapons the other way
    This now goes too far, the Kurds have suffered for too long without the world taking notice. Erdogan is laughing at the west's "warnings" "sanctions" "dialogues"

  5. Creating Kurdistan will do more than anything else to Stop Radical Islamics🙏🏻🙏🏻 I Voted For TRUMP🙏🏻🙏🏻 and stood by him in good times and bad, but after he Betrayed the Kurds, I know he has Betrayed me and the Supporters, I do not blindly support anyone, so I will not vote for Trump and am taking down my FB and Social Media Pages I created to Support Trump. I am now looking at Tulsi Gabbard,🙏🏻🙏🏻 if she is the opposing Nominee I will vote for her. If its any one else I will just not Vote and stay home in 2020.

  6. My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus may the peace that surpasses all understanding flood ur hearts and minds . I pray that the word of God shine brighter in ur heats and may u see and understand and as u take in knowledge of your identity of who you are in Christ Jesus and what you have and what you can do in the power of the name of Jesus . I pray that u would learn that you are not a victim but more the a conquer in the name of Jesus and because Jesus is a live and seated at the right hand of God and has given you all power and athourity here on this Earth over all the darkness of this world . You have the same power that raised Christ from the dead living in the inside of you use it and exercise ur right as a child of God thro Jesus. So be it

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