Tractor, quilt show hauls in Centralia crowds

CENTRALIA – If the change in the weather makes you think of harvest time or snuggling up under a quilt, Grandview Baptist Church has you covered.

The congregation 20 miles north of Columbia hosted a quilt and tractor show, Sept. 21, with the community turning out in force.

“It’s a way to let the local community be a community,” said Grandview pastor, Don Combs. “We were wanting to bring in all of our neighbors and folks from around the area to be able to spend time together and see friends we hadn’t seen for a while.”

And while they were there, “they were exposed to the church and to the love of Christ.” - shop now!

Nearly 40 tractors were brought into the church grounds, and 50 quilts covered pews inside. Outside, kids got a chance to go for a tractor ride and play in a sandbox-like trailer filled with corn. The church’s chapter of Christian Cowboys shared the gospel with 25 people one-on-one, walking people through Scripture and explaining God’s plan for salvation. Combs led a devotion during lunch and a ladies trio led in worship. Grandview also gave out 45 copies of the Jesus film. - shop now!

“So far this year, we’ve given out 1,900 copies of the Jesus film, and we still have more to go,” Combs said.

Grandview is also hoping to bring in the community again, Oct. 20, as they mark the church’s 150th anniversary with five former pastors speaking.

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