'Don't Be Like Obama. Be Like Reagan': Sen. Lindsey Graham Tells CBN Why Trump Must Stop Turkey's In

‘Don’t Be Like Obama. Be Like Reagan’: Sen. Lindsey Graham Tells CBN Why Trump Must Stop Turkey’s Invasion



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  1. so you chose to work with a terrorist group (YPG) to defeat another terror group (ISIS). who gave all those weapons to the YPG who is same as PKK. ypg-pkk killed 40,000 civilians in Turkey. Turkey kept saying stop supporting them or else and people like you just ignored it. Now what? well watch and see. If you want to give them land, give them South Carolina lol

  2. They can fight their own wars…people going over there getting killed…it's one thing to send others and another thing to go yourself and fight…or go there and have to stay forever and ever away from family…pray yes …but God does know all this and God does hold the future in his hands no matter what….God help.

  3. With-drowning US forces from SYRIA, it may be the effect of impeachment preparations
    by opposition or forth coming 2020 presidential election
    strategy of Mr TRUMP ? whatever it may be, it is very unfortunate but
    kurds have betrayed by him, the whole world
    keenly watching ( India)

  4. One ward Christian soldier marching to war. Christian brothers and sisters in the US military (Army, Navy and Marines) and Kurds need to unite in the fight against this cancer Turkey, Iran, the Syrian regime and other dictatorships.

  5. For the FIRST time, I sent a text to the WHITE HOUSE. I told the president, I have staunchly supported him. But now, I cannot understand his logic in abandoning our ALLIES of the Kurds and fighters against islamic terrorism. PLEASE help them which will be helping USA 🇺🇸!!

  6. it was obama's administration who got us into this war! the kurds are COMMUNIST and after all these years of trying to stop the spread of communism we are now supposed to be supporting a communist uprising in a country that is no threat to the united states? ronald reagan in his time definitely would not have supported this war. cartels cross our borders killing millions of people within the united states, smuggle drugs into our country that are potent enough be chemical weapons and brutally torture, dismember and impale anyone who gets in thier way. the cartels are just as much terrorist if not even more viscous and brutal than isis but no body pays them any attention, WHY?!!

  7. Powerful words, Senator. I hope our President is listening. We need to hold the ground that has been gained, not waste that effort that came at no small price. This situation could very well be the catalyst that would rock the world as we know it.

  8. Our military lives are just as important as middle- eastern lives. High tech and air support is fine. I am glad President Trump got our soldiers out of harm's way. I pray for President Trump every day.

  9. Ask USA forces vet Korean , Turkish send troops to Korean War … Turks send troops Korean War for what … to support USA soldiers…why cause Turkey allied not Ypg

    Ypg is not equivalent to all Kurds …

    Bring Ypg give them Sc land maybe you will be elected again

  10. I don’t think western military should go near the Middle East but these people need watching they are brainwashed people they want to take over the world it’s a bout taking over he is mad like Mohammad all Muslim world we have had our eyes closed they will attack the west they hate us read the Quran it tells us he right we better be ready

  11. GOD BLESS KURDS AND GRAHAM – we must not cede this area to Russia or Turkey entirely. Syria is THE example of "peace through strength" and our being there in a small powerful force SECURES US blood bought gains.

  12. First: Sory for my bad english. I like American people, but don't like American politiker. American politiker supporting Israel. Israel want establish "Big Israel state" on Syria, Iran and Turkey territory. American peoples don't forced paying for Israel and fighting for Israel. You must not pay for Israel or die for Israel. I am watching TV and see many people in America homeless and need help.

    ISIS and PKK-PYD-YPG-SDF created from USA and Israel. USA send 50.000 truck weapon to PKK-PYD-YPG-SDF as gift. We are only country fight against ISIS on Syria. We kill 3000 ISIS member n Syria. We fight since 40 year on our territory againts PKK. PKK=PYD-YPG-SDG-SDF. This terror organisation killed since 40 year more than 50.000 innocent people. From that many women and child killed by this Terrorist.
    Your politiker can't give your money to Terror organisation. And your soldier must not die for Israel. We are since 1000 year here and we don't permit establishing "Big Israel state" on our territory and Syria. If you say and think "We are fighting for Israel", you are welcome and must fight againts us. This war is not our war.
    Wake up now please.

    In Turkey living 20 Million Kurds. With Kurds we don't have problem. Kurds are our Brother. As example: I am Turkish people and my wife is Kurdish. In our Army many Kurdish people. We don't operate againts Kurds, then we opearte to Terrorist. Thank you.

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