As Pence Confronts Turkey's Tyrant, Trump Has a Showdown with Democrats

As Pence Confronts Turkey’s Tyrant, Trump Has a Showdown with Democrats



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  1. Cheers for Pence and Pompeo! The president made the right move! Pelosi is definitely a third rate politician. Sorry so many congressmen are not supporting the president. Lindsey does NOT understand the situation. The Kurds are a mixed bag. The move would be as stupid as the move into Afganistan 19 years ago. What has that produced? Come on, be real people. Stop being so emotional.

  2. The US operate some 50! military bases on all continents for the last 80 years. Have led countless useless wars with millions of local people dead, total hundreds of thousands fallen soldiers (and many more going back emotionally and mentally broken) Here we're talking about 28 to 50 men, that just were to be there and turkey wouldn't have dared to attack. That for once would have made sense. But apparently, once more, Trump is giving in to erdogan and the turks. Kurdish civilians will again pay the pricce. ISIS will be back. I don't understand

  3. The Democratic party, they must want our loves one to die in a war. Let's send the Democratic party and the left wing media to war sence they love war so much. I thought congress is supposed to declare war they haven't did that yet.

  4. I think Lindsey needs to take a chill pill. Uncle Don reacted to Turkey perfectly.

    My only concern is that he is so distracted by endless elections and a divided nation, he didn’t coordinate with Turkey before women and children were killed.

    He fixed it and demanded a cease fire. What more does Lindsey want?

    I want my blood off this battlefield. Every drop is committed to Israel ALONE.

    Build Kurdistan from Iraq.
    Send a destroyer to dock in Gaza and build a Naval Base.

    Build a Airport in Rapha. Build the REST of Greater Israel.

  5. Rayyap Tayyip Erdogan is a Diktator big Problem Today against israelites around the World’s also Supported andres terrorism Regime's cultures of Terror attacks Hezbulla terror tunnels missile Project in Lebanon today, Palestinian islamic terror attacks jihad on the border of Israel, Hamas's terror groups IS-terrorism Regime's cultures of Terror attacks jihad.

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