Library's 'Drag Queen Story Hour' Strip Show Goes Viral

Library’s ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Strip Show Goes Viral

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  1. take a child to a real play and see real actors in proper "costume"…these dudes in drag make it apart of their lives outside of entertainment. it's not teaching kids to act its prepping them to accepting sin

  2. If your gay your gay that's one thing , BUT this is down right pathetic , this dressing up as a prostitution clown and stripping like a dog in heat and in front of children is perversion at its finest. These clowns of the dark have no shame or morals! REPENT and turn to Jesus before its to late

  3. Remember GMA Good Morning America promoting the Drag Kid Desmond is Amazing? There are pedophiles all over Hollywood & in our government to allow this!!! If a Drag Queen came up to me in public & did this, this would be considered indecent exposure & would get arrested! These parents shouldn’t even have kids!!! They are clueless morons!!!

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