CBN NewsWatch AM: October 22, 2019

On Newswatch AM October 22nd: Turkey/Kurds ceasefire set to end today- will the fighting resume? Netanyahu can’t form new government- Israel may face new elections; local Chinese government destroys church building…

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  1. I am truly appologetic for the Kurdish Citizen's and Communities America has abandoned! This isn't right! And you deserve Better! Even if the relocation of American Forces toward Iraq is a possible stagging area. You shouldn't be used as bait. That is Not A Pro-life Move!! Old testament writes "STAND UP AND PROTECT THE WEAK AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT" I hope there is a dynamic that has been worked out for your protection. 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🇺🇸

  2. " They are like 2 kids. You let them fight for 2 days then you pull them apart". Trumps own words taking about the Turks and Kurds !!!!!
    Wow !!!! I'm sorry but you just lost my vote for well as me defending you ever again.
    You ignorant, selfish idiot.
    People have died, families destroyed; people loosing everything. And you; bragging about your actions?
    Yes to impeachment, and that's coming from a republican.

  3. Although Kurdish population in the Middle East is 40 million citizens, Kurds who used to be Hindistani i.e. Indian continent people mingled with arabs in the region cannot form modern state , country and build best roads, wide motorways and high rise offices to sit down in their desks and work there to make their country as one of the best in the world like the christian world countries. Kurds only murmur, chitchat, whisper to each other to make wars with the neighboring countries to make the region always sustainably instable and being disgusted by the far eastern, by the western powers and those citizens , by the latin american citizens who cannot come and make their businesses in person in the Kurdish states of the Middle East. In order for the world powers to support Kurds is after being one of the most developed Kurdish state established with city planners and skyscrapers and USA style work ethics and very high wages compared to Turkey and Russia's average 500 USD -700USD monthly net wages, i.e. abiding to the human rights among Kurds. Kurds equals to Alexander the Great's ex slaves after he returned back from the India (Hindistan) invasions with the North Macedonian troops.

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