CBN NewsWatch PM: October 22, 2019

On CBN Newswatch PM Oct. 22: Cease fire between Turkey and Syria set to come to an end; Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces he cannot form a new government; Shocking report shows taxpayers fund sale of aborted baby body parts; …



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  1. Today Russia and Turkey, have aligned to take over the Kurds. Which other Middle East tribes will, join them to take down the next country? Perhaps Israel will be their next target..
    So those of you who keep Trump in power will have to be responsible for the bloodbath taking place and all others to follow. How do you sleep at night?

  2. The CBN neo cons lying machine. How quickly the network backstabs the President. That's a betrayal. American Troops are not going to stay in the middle east forever. CBN and the Kurds of Syria made them self stone deaf to that fact of the alliance. This is their wars not OURS CBN. The Syrian Kurds have our military aid. They new for months this was going to happen. Trump stated in 2016 America will leave the area with a small force by the Iraq Jordon border. There werer 36 troops Trump pulled out from harm way. And DON"T include the Pershmeraga in Iraq. These Kurds are doing it right. Unlike the marxist PKK monkey wrenches. Bring back our troops NOW!!!!!

  3. How can one country just take over the land of another! And then politicians are trying to make it sound like they have somehow done amazing things to make this takeover all better. These leaders are totally unaware that they are doing precisely what was prophesied. Their greet and unlawful actions will seel their fate. Woe.

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