Netanyahu Gives Up Forming a Government, Opening Door for Political Rival

Netanyahu Gives Up Forming a Government, Opening Door for Political Rival

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  1. Israel is in trouble now as they want the new temple built and also will bring catastrophy to Israel. No good. But God knows the end from the beginning. There will be a new Jerusalem and a new heaven so it's all good.:) Keep in the Word and keep looking up.

  2. This is something the Holy Spirit revealed to me. In the Bible, 2 Thessalonians 2:6 it talks about a “what’ that withholds the Antichrist from being revealed.

    It has been revealed to me that it is possible that the “what” in 2 Thessalonians 2:6 is a position in politics possibly in Israel possibly referring to a man being revealed in his own time, possibly through elections.

    The Holy Spirit in verse 7, is where the “what” gets its power from to stay in power until it is the right time for prophecy to be fulfilled.

    The Holy Spirit will be told by God the Father to move out from the midst of this political person He is using to withhold the Antichrist from being revealed. The third temple can now be built with Netanyahu being taken out of the way..

    When I first began seeing this, the “what” and the person was not Identified to me by the Holy Spirit. Quite some time ago, I thought this could be the office of the POTUS, The Who, was President Trump. But know I am seeing it more clearly know as Bible prophecy is be fulfilled right before our eyes.

    President Trump does play a roll in this that he is like a King Cyrus to the Jews. He will encourage them to build a house for God. I believe part of his deal of the century peace plan will include that possibility.

    PM Netanyahu, I believe is representing the human who holds back the Antichrist from being revealed by not allowing the Third Temple to be built. The third temple being built is what is needed for the Antichrist to be revealed.

    The Bible tells us that the Antichrist will stand in God’s temple claiming to be God.

    Now from what I understand about Benjamin Netanyahu is that he is not for the temple being built because it would raise tensions in Jerusalem between the Muslims and the Jewish people.

  3. God is going to be so angry when Israel lets the Arabs into their government. Look back on Jewish history. That’s not something God would ever condone. Wow! The second coming truly is right around the corner. It’s too bad the Jews could not turn to Yeshua instead of the nations.

  4. This is all playing out in God's will..
    Just like Trump God put him in too delay what the demos and luciferians had planned. Trump delayed… but it will still come to pass what's the Demos and luciferians Have in store..

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