CBN NewsWatch AM: October 25, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: October 25, 2019

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  1. Lindsay Graham is a war monger. He says if we put troops on the ground and create a "save zone" to protect the Kurds (ignorant statement), then things will "go well." If we don't do that, things will not go well. Nothing we have done in the Middle East so far has "ended well." Why does he think that is going to change by putting a few troops in Syria? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and thinking you will get a different result. Like I said, he's a war monger. The only way we could protect the Kurds is to go to all-out war with Turkey, and it is doubtful the Kurds would be save in such a scenario, and it is not possible that things would "go well" if we were to do that. All you people at CBN seem to be war mongers as well. Do you really want your children and grandchildren going to war to fight another in a long series of hopeless causes?

  2. If you kill a pre-born turtle, you get a $100,000 fine, one year in prison, if you kill a pre-born bald eagle, you get a $250,000 fine, two years in prison, but are allowd to kill a pre-born human baby. Something must be wrong.

  3. I believe that the fires in California are caused from seismic activity and things going on just right under the ground. Ask for Elijah Cummings, rest in peace and condolences to his family. I remember him though as an angry face politician that was always railing against President Trump. I guess we all have different memories of different people.

  4. The government of California should encourage to all high school and junior high school students to watch sonlife broadcasting network of Jimmy Swaggart ministries and get the expositors study bible or send them to a holyspirit born again church and then California will be safer government of California do this right now swallow your pride and help your children's ok ok ok let's get this wonderful thing done in the mighty name of Jesus amen !!!!!!! And watch C.B.N

  5. Yes they know it's underground gas lines, notice how it burns in strait lines and doesn't move like fires from my childhood there. It's being done on purpose. How come it's only the poor or people with only one home this is happening too? Anyone else awake in California.

  6. Judgment is hell and what your seeing could be what happens when God get tired of liberal states with mostly liberal nutballs living there and voting in the stupity that working in and leading the US house and doing Trump like they are. It's sad for what few good people that live out there

  7. Lots of money, lots of cash and in the end ur soul gets damned in hell 🔥🔥🔥😅 and this so bogus coz the bible says what does a man profit when he gains the whole world and lost his own soul🔥🔥🔥😅 money wrongly gained brings u to eternal ruins and destruction and that includes ur soul. Thats why common sense is vital in dealing with this world filled sweet talks and sweet promises !

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