Prayer Link – Former Satanist John Ramirez: Why Christians Shouldn’t Celebrate H

Former Satanist turned Minister John Ramirez shares why he believes Christians should not celebrate Halloween. Plus, does God have a divine destiny for every person? We take you to the streets to find out what people think about the issue.

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  1. What's the lord's name you trust in Lord is a title for me Yahweh Elohim yahshua is a name and it's the true name what name do you have Lord and God or titles and Jesus hate to tell you but Jesus is an erroneous name and neither is there a name like it or with the letter j in the Hebrew Greek or Latin language to this day and it's only 450 years old in the English language so the intelligent question you should ask yourself is what was the name of the Savior during the time he walked the Earth plane cuz that's what you're going to be saved in play in church ain't going to get you nowhere

  2. People if you live in California and you are a righteous person, take your animals and live. Your state is the most corrupt state in the country. Lots of drugs, prostitution. Illegal activities and murders. Walk away.

  3. WHY DO WE HAVE 2 SIMP WOMAN THAT LOVE HOLLIDAYS AND WERE GETTING OFFENDED INTERVIEWING JOHN.. LIKE DID HEY EVEN KNIW HIM … she goes “What about the candy tho! Oh right I don’t dress up anymore we’re Christians… guys come on be real stop being so scared to be real

  4. Why spread the mans message.. than as a believer mention.. oh what about superheroes (mentioning something seemingly innocent) candy.. AFTER HE JUS SAID ITS DEMONIC.. other believers r gon see this and not take it seriously and say the same thing now! Oh my kid jus gon b a superhero… really?!?

  5. The candy is absolutely not worth it! Occultists curse it! Please don't be tricked by that dismissive comment at the end of that interview. Maybe if he explained "what's the harm in just having candy, or just dressing in costume, etc…"
    Hopefully her intention was to lead into that direction….

  6. See that's what people think its just candy it's a little innocent girl, Ramirez just said what this holiday is what happens on this night, your son or daughter wants candy buy them a bag and call it a day, she can get candy anytime it's the meaning behind this holiday God bless you

  7. When you show kids in the word of God why it is you don’t celebrate this day…they don’t even miss it. And they are unashamed to tell other kids as well. It never made sense to me in the first place to tell my kids all year “Don’t talk to strangers”, then go purposefully knock on strangers door and ask for stuff when I, the parent, can buy them candy 24/7…

  8. Even in the Old Testament God did not wipe out all mankind. Noah who was a type of Christ holding back God Wrath on us, so we can talk online today. You can find Men throughout the Bible, type of Jesus Christ that stand between God and Man. We need to all repent and pray for every States, Country. The Church Light of the World showing Love in Darkness to All mankind.

  9. Could someone please reach out to John Ramirez and ask Hi if He knows about the revival fires burning in 🇰🇪 Kenya? It is under the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness. I believe a ministry like this will definitely build a wall of fire around him. Trust me, Jezebel and her cohorts don't want any parts of it!!!

  10. The last Lady during the interview asking if God had a plan for our lives, is so depictive of an arrogant America that doesn't invite the hand of God in their lives, nor seek him through prayer. We took prayer out of school the only time it's reintroduced is during a school shooting! We booted gone out of everything and once again the only time we reintroduced the idea of seeking him is in a state of emergency! America's prayerlessness is a national state of emergency!

  11. it’s ridiculous! Churches celebrating “trunk or treat” or what 1 church here calls it “the hotspot” a celebration with candy, treats, blow up jumping things for kids on a holloween night. They still celebrate Holloween by sugar coating it . Pastors need to be holding intercession with Believers instead of getting them busy on a holloween while wickedness and demon worshipping happens around us . Wake up church! Wake up pastors!wake up believers! No more lukewamness stop for fronting believers & leading them into pagan holidays.

  12. We didn't. God told me 30 years ago not to celebrate it. Sadly, it seems like fellow christians are the ones that get angry that I don't celebrate Halloween. Other folks seem to respect it. My family back ground was full of people who messed with the occult in various forms. It never blessed them, and as a child it did hurt me to have to be around them. Thank you for sharing the truth.

  13. Jesus washes his disciples feet !!!! Why their feet and not their body ? So everywhere they step would be blessed and in favor of God !!!

    Once you accept Jesus nothing can take you away from him !!

  14. Lol so as children of the most high and the creator of the world and everything in it we are afraid to dress as kid friendly costumes and get candy ?

    My God is bigger than Halloween ! Jesus set me free and I’m not afraid to shine my light any day or any where. . Who says you can’t lead some one to Jesus on Halloween ?

    Why do we limit Jesus ?

  15. i have heard about Christmas time is a celebration of the yule tide demon is there anything u know anything on that. I dont ever have a Christmas tree in my home no santa stuff no elfs nothing so i want to know am i right my church is saying as long as u dont believe in yule tide and dont worship the tree then ur ok… please i want to hear ur feed back.

  16. Hey family, I'm very confused lately. Growing up I haven't believed in god & wondered why people "wasted their time at church" I got a pet snake and blaspheming the religion i named her eve. I went through phases where I was mad at god and turned to the enemy and his legions for guidance. I went through a hindu phase and worshipped ganesha. Now I'm taking interest in a witchcraft book. I'm confused with everything because multiple times jesus saved me, and sometimes I think I'd like to have jesus and ganesha in my life and archangel raphael and Michael but there's conflict there. I'm confused. I seek truth and all the time it's getting distorted I switch up alot. When I was devoted to strictly jesus it seemed like I was a target for people who use magic. I would try to read the bible and people would laugh and I'd hear in my head "they're laughing at you" I'd think why why why. Long story short I miss jesus and I have a strong desire to help people. What can I do? I hope I can meet a family of true Christian that can help guide me for support.

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