Prominent Christian Artists Like Mandisa, Lecrae Respond to Kirk Franklin's Dove Awards Boycott

Prominent Christian Artists Like Mandisa, Lecrae Respond to Kirk Franklin’s Dove Awards Boycott

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  1. It's about injustice! The church world is to silent on it. There is an Apostle a real modern day apostle that's speaking out about the injustice In The African American culture that started in 1619. Apostle A. Lee Henderson God is using him in starting a spiritual movement. Raising A People To save A Nation. It's not about racism it's about injustice! The Name of the church is 21st century Leadership Ekklesia in Bremen, Georgia. Come and connect with this spiritual movement!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. So the propaganda about race is in the Christian music industry now? There wouldn't be a race issue if people didn't see that everything that happens in black and white. It's a very sad that a woman died and very sad that a police officer did it. No matter what color either of them are. Her family will be effected by her death and the officer will be effected cause he pulled the trigger. They all have to live with the outcome. I just don't get why a Christian music artist has to inject himself in the middle of it.

  3. Really, these newage artists are now mixing politics with their music as well? I've just about stopped listening to any music and watching tv/movies! I'm sick of those in the spotlight using their platform to push their agenda! Besides, most of these artists are in the business for the money and fame more than for the Lord! Kirk Franklin fell a long time ago! Some even say he's gay!

  4. We arent being Christian when we decide to divide rather then unite people. At the end of the day this is just entertainment & we cant trust nothing & no one othr thn the Lord. Im not gonna fed into anything any famous person tries to push just cuz their famous.

  5. I don't want to appear sarcastic, but I've never been a fan of these award nights, particularly in the Christian context.
    If you've seen the movie, "I Can Only Imagine", I hope you'll understand what I mean.

  6. the police were called to her home by a concerned neighbor. she went to the window with a pistol when she saw police outside, according to her own 8 y/o nephew. officer percieved it as a threat in addition to the fact that he was sent there bc of an already concerned neighbor. the fact that he was white is irrelevant. officers dont know what they are going to walk into in these situations. he should have def shown more constraint..try to de-escalate the situation, etc. sad for all involved, esp the loss of this young woman & her family. these incidents aren't just isolated to white cops on black. this is what the media would like for people to believe. it's race bait to cause division. prayers for everyone.

  7. Keep in mind lacrae spoke about talked about persecution. I hardly believe that it is the same context as Jesus and the disciples less one and martyrs of today being crucified , being beheaded and killed for their faith in Christ. Not being black or white or “your”speech being edited …. hardly the same ?!

    Keep Christ centered in your life so much more than your speech being edited by replacing it with what Christ has done and those truly being persecuted for Christ.
    Don’t be as bad as the world is. Stay focused on the goal. Heaven, eternity!!

  8. I aint no saint, but this "woke" stuff is pulling the Christians down. For non-americans like me, it is absolutely shocking that the Gospel route is being ditched for other routes. Social Justice and Socialism have both wrecked havoc in the American church.

  9. People are saying not to be divisive. Huh? There has always been a very clear division between CCM (White Christian Artist) and Gospel (black Gospel artist). This situation is only bringing light to the segregation between CCM and Gospel that has gon on for decades.

  10. On pg 57 in the book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow it tells us exactly how the New Age and the powers that be are unfolding their plan (which Hitler was apart of that plan and did this with the Jews) to uplift the Aryian race over other root races!! This is demonic guys and we are seeing all this unfold in front of our very eyes!! Jesus is coming soon!! May we Come out of the world and turn our faces to Jesus!!

  11. Don't make the doves political. Once one person gets their cause in, everyone else is going to want theirs too and it becomes a battle of politics and music gets left behind. BTW- no one can edit any "experience" unless they go in your mind and start changing your memories. If you are looking for a TV show to validate your existence or "experience", Christ is not your center of everything. They had every right to edit the show to be music instead of politics centered and if that's a problem, then I'm glad Franklin left. Does he realize he's throwing a fit because everyone else didn't get their time cut to facilitate his political soapbox he decided he wanted to do? If you are so worried about those things create your own platform and do them the justice they deserve. A blurb on an awards show isn't doing justice to any "experience".

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