Trump Called Best Hope in a Generation to Halt Advance of China's Evil Empire

Trump Called Best Hope in a Generation to Halt Advance of China’s Evil Empire

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  1. America need to first come together and stop fighting amongst ourselves before we can defeat our outside enemies. "A house divided will fall". Praying for my nation and our leaders for knowledge and wisdom.

  2. God is going to destroy everything and everybody, don't worry if you BELIEVE in JESUS.
    Read the Bible to be wise.
    In hell will be those who do not believe.
    Prepare for the rapture.
    Billy Graham.
    David Wilkerson.
    David Jeremiah.
    Carls Larson.
    Josue Irion
    Yiye Avila
    Armando Alducin
    David Diamond

  3. The true tragedy is that the world of professing Christianity fails to realize this country is being cursed(Lev. 26:14-39, Deu. 28:15-68). God is trying to get America to snap out of its drunken stupor and realize what it is doing to itself as a result of violating His law before its too late, and even the world of professing Christianity refuses to listen. America thumbing its nose at the Almighty's authority and depending on politicians is why we're in this position in the first place!

  4. The world's budget on militarily a month , is enough to make every person in the world a multi millionaire. Nevermind the year budged. Yet power and greed is more important than their own neighbours and working class.
    Church's have millions and spend it on building's with no purpouse for the income of the working class. Vatican's hide their wealth and the people are on street with poverty and shame. All governments faild us and with enormous curruptions.
    What do you think God will do to all leaders that is just their for fame and money. 90% will be faceing judgement.
    That is a fact.
    Rothchilds are the Zionest Jews messiah. Vatican's are Roman Catholicism who wirship money and man. That global economy is run by Rothschilds, Rockefellers, mother companies with currency fraught in all the ways possible .
    We have been surving man and dept is the new way and old way of slavery. Mark of a man , the more crafty beast , known as the serpent seed. The mark that was put on Cain from the beginning. The beast that kill , slaughter and minipulate his own kind for power and controle

  5. Don’t Panic,

    US has China Surrounded for a very long time !

    There are over 10 US military bases with combined forces of over 100,000 trained men and women on 24 hour alert in nearby Okinawa, South Korea, South pacific, Taiwan etc with Nuclear arsenals aimed to destroy China at the command of the President or a rogue General etc.

    US spent over a trillion dollars of declared and undeclared military budget this year many times more then China can afford to spend.

    China is now 25 years behind US in military technology and readiness and in 25 years time US will be 50 years ahead.

    Fear mongering helps sell books , Good ol Pat is at his best for his friend Bill Gertz, wonder how much cut he gets for spreading lies and fear ?
    ( half truths are lies too ?)
    Should spend more time to champion the cause of minority Christians facing Genocide in North East Syria due to hasty US withdrawal to achieve Thumb Height 2/ Genie Energy 2

    Matt 7:5

  6. WRONG. Our "leaders" are NOT "blind to this". Trump BEEN knew about China, I BEEN knew about China– we all knew what was going on in China and yet Trump was NOT putting it on blast, all so that he can make sure they were on his side.

    Trump was talking about China supposedly stealing from America, and Americans supposedly letting it happen– as if China didn't have permission FROM American (old eu pig) leftists.

    Trump BEEN complimenting their supposed smartness and telling them that China citizens could handle what's going on over there– all meanwhile a lot of them were more than just forced to stay home, in more debt, killing themselves, ETC.

    As if every country was NOT organized, because of American history/ influence (etc) (off the back's of Americans' sweat, pain and blood).

    P.s. That cbn lady yesterday who was more concerned about halloween candy than John Ramirez's security/ mental health, etc is the exact thing I can expect from people who don't know a dam thing until people like me SPEAK.

    So yeah, go ahead and have all the supposed questions and discussions you want– truth is BOLD, REAL, ON TIME AND IT'S ALIVE.

  7. You talk about stealing and here you are on your website wanting people to donate money to poor people while the money that was given to the poor is going in your pocket instead( your net worth is 200million to 1 billion dollars) So your cheating right along with China!

  8. Bill Gertz is certainly right. The Chinese are re-making the Silk Road. It’s hardly the merely economic strategy for trade they say it is. Nothing the Chinese do is innocent.

    They won’t rest until they have Taiwan, and they will take Hong Kong.

    Who knows what they’re doing on the islands they’re building in the South China Sea?

    The other place there may be trouble is the Arctic. They want bases for spying and the food from the ocean they think is there.

    And it has been reported on Spanish news that they have a rather sinister presence in Venezuela.

    I don’t believe we can change anything in China. People are either just too afraid or they are Communist goons. We’ll end up with another, worse Iraq if we go in thinking the Chinese people will help us.

  9. The only way for Americans to have God on their side is when they humble themselves and repent from their wicked ways, terminate the laws that encourages LGBTQ and abortions, etc. Else God will hand them over to their enemies but whoever that calls upon the Lord shall be saved

  10. I've been saying this for years now. China has been waging a silent war against us for decades now. They have already infiltrated every aspect of our society, have stolen our intellectual property, and have for the most part bought out our Democratic party! It is exactly why the Dems are pushing China's socialist agenda here in America. It's time to expel all those that are here that are not natural born citizens (and watch those that are closely), take control of the companies and assets here in America, and completely shut down all trade and communications with China! This is our only shot at stopping their global plans, and it's something that absolutely needs to be done! It's something that should have been done years, if not decades, ago!!!

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