Former LGBTQ Members Say Their Changed Lives Prove Homosexuality Isn't Permanent

Former LGBTQ Members Say Their Changed Lives Prove Homosexuality Isn’t Permanent

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  1. People are born Straight, gay, or bisexual. It's just a fact. In addition, many gay people are Christian. We as Christians are called to love not judge. Many people have claimed conversion worked only to come back out years later. I dont judge so if these people are happy good for them. My only concern is if they are not being honest with themselves and just trying to conform to make others happy then that's not living an authentic life. I think being honest with ourselves and God is important.

  2. So, what you're trying to say is that I'm not gay? Are you sure about that? Are you sure that you want to disregard scientific research and millions of people because these thirty or so people say so?


  4. What the heck! I'm a gay Christian and seeing this is very weird. I respect them but honestly they look depress and suppressed. I have taken mental psychology and seeing how they act and posture and so on they look kinda brain washed.

  5. No matter what laws are passed, people will be set free by the transformative power of Jesus Christ. Even in China, the most oppressive country on earth, the people are willingly suffering for Jesus. His love will not be stopped, He is The savior of ALL, and the more they try to tighten their grip around His truth, the more new believers will slip through their fingers…

  6. This really gives me HOPE for some of my family members who are in bondage. I'm believing that Jesus will open their eyes and direct them from that lifestyle. I cannot wait, so I can shout GLORY unto God😀❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. There are only two genders namely Male and Female. Those others falsely termed genders are mere illusions and products of an ignorant, unhealthy and unstable mind.

    A Human is what his thoughts are. That is, a human is what his thoughts are of himself. In as much as this ability or power(The Power of Thought) can help transform his life, it can also ruin it miserably in case of irrational, impure, misguided and dangerous thoughts.

    Thus if a man intensely and firmly thinks himself to be a dog, he will be one even if it be a gross illusion of his mind.

    In the same manner, does a male or female who delusively persuades and think themselves to be their contrary or even none of those, become so even if it is astonishingly a gross illusion.

  8. Although I don’t see LGBTQ+ as a sin (yes I am a Christian and I am not here to persuade anyone), people do not always accurately predict their sexual orientation or gender identity early on in life like the media tells people to believe.

    I suspect that many of them are probably bisexual in the first place, but nobody should be shamed if they predict their orientation incorrectly the first time around.

    Although you cannot choose your orientation, I completely understand why someone would get frustrated if they wish that they had a different sexual orientation.

    For example, although I don’t mind having autism in some areas- in other areas it gives me significant emotional distress and I am trying to mold my life into the way that I want it to be. I did not choose to have autism so I can understand the frustration that people in the Changed Movement have endured when they wanted to be heterosexual and cisgender (obviously, because it is a statistical majority and thus makes romantic pursuits easier) but they did not exactly get their wish.

    Although CBN disagrees with me and I completely respect that, I would see where being LGBTQ+ is not a sin but where someone would also wish that they were heterosexual and cisgender (and these people are trying to make their dream come true, we may not know of the outcome for years).

    Moral of the story: When someone is born one way but wants to be something else, it causes extreme emotional distress because you feel robbed of the things that you wanted to have. It’s a two way street, but this perspective never gets discussed.

  9. We are living in an age where the left tries to claim “gender fluidity.” This is an affirmation of the biblical position. Not only are lifestyles a choice, unbiblical lifestyles are a deception from the enemy.

  10. I dont believe in jesus and i dont need a sexual orentation in order to feel better. I love myself. If i can love myself i can not love everyone. You have to take a look in the mirror and start loving yourself. Then you give love to the others. Also i dont feel attracted to men. I feel attracted to the soul. If a man have a beautiful soul i Will love that soul. If a woman have a beautiful soul maybe i Will feel attracted to that soul. I am not sinner . My soul is okay. I can not believe and worship Jesus because Jesus did not died for my sins because i have never commited any sin. Peace and love.

  11. It's been proven the recent lie that "people are born gay.""it's genetic." Is in fact a lie. There are no genes that make a person gay(or any of the other letters). God and Life itself do not work that way. What's making more people feel that way about themselves is a recent trend. A lot of these people have been sexually abused or psychologically abused as children, their innocence stolen from them. Now, more and more we're seeing it being pushed on children as young as preschoolers in public schools, but some parents are brainwashing their kids earlier than that. Homosexuality was deemed a mental illness leading up to 1969, when homosexual activists fought for it to be changed. That was it, no evidence to back up that it wasn't a mental illness, only protests. It's so sad to see people living a lie, without God. This video and information like it bring hope that we'll get back on the path of Christ together.

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