Christian Trump Advisers: 'You're Actually Impeaching Us' – Impeachment Hearings Coming to a TV Near

Christian Trump Advisers: ‘You’re Actually Impeaching Us’ – Impeachment Hearings Coming to a TV Near You



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  1. American Christians are the world’s largest terrorist organization nothing like the teachings of Christ

    Anyone notice it’s just the white so called christians who supports all wars and Israel’s illegal occupation?

  2. Stop changing the law for only certain people. I mean they change the law every dang day to make their cause. People wake up if you disagree with their agenda you will be prosecuted. This is the plan .You don't matter look at Venzula and their regular common PEOPLE eating shoes to survive.

  3. Give President Trump some credit for the extraordinarily intelligent man that he is. He along with the men and women helping him have the deep state traitors right where he wants them. The democRATS have put themselves on public record that they stand with lawlessness and globalism. He and his team are forcing them to show the American public exactly who they are, socialist liberals, and what they want, the total destruction of American rule of law. And despite the efforts of the leftist, socialist globalists, has become the best President this country has ever had. We, as christians, need to pray for President Trump so that God can effectively bring about Biblical prophecy and start the seven year tribulation period and finish it up with the one thousand year reign of Jesus as ruler of this planet and everyone on it.
    As Q has stated, WWG1WGA….MAGA

  4. Divine intervention LORD for the president Donald Trump and his family and LORD, salvation for Nancy Pelosi, and all of those people who are deceived in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH I pray and ask it and in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN 👆👆👆

  5. DemonRats are IslamoRats Traitors Party Now Islamic presidential candidate Booker and Ellison Talib Omar and 23 Islamic Senator's and Congressman your Replacements and New Masters Islam and Sharia law your choice your fault

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