'Freedom Is a Threat to All of Them': Russia, Turkey and Islamic Terrorists Unite to Kill Democracy

‘Freedom Is a Threat to All of Them’: Russia, Turkey and Islamic Terrorists Unite to Kill Democracy



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  1. CBN is CIA, period. They would starve thousands of people, cut power to whole civilizations, pass out small pox blankets to Indians, if they thought it would create a stable trading partner for US markets. Jesus, God, is the ABSOLUTE LAST thing on their mind.

  2. The leaders of the world's powers should make a free country for kurds or a very well guaranteed autonomy for the kurds to don't be anymore the kurds treated like second class people.

  3. There's no way the US should build up an area subject to the very totalitarians and fascists governments that ultimately control the area. Why pour billions of our tax dollars into areas that aid and abet the very terrorist groups that hate us? Trump/our government pulled out because they realized that this is an endless spiritual war more than simply a battle of flesh and blood.

  4. Question, why is Syria so important to the US? Geopolitically, strategically, Israel, defense contractors? If you can answer this please do so with valid arguments. Can't just say because Israel controls our gov't and the world…Really want to know

  5. That young man is so brainwashed. Leave Assad and the Syrian people ALONE. They were doing great without U.S. meddling. And, RUSSIA IS and HAS BEEN A CHRISTIAN NATION FOR A LONG TIME, which is why the U.S. govt persecutes and maligns them.

  6. The secular and multi-sectarian Syrian government and the Russian Federation have protected the Christians (Syriac, Armenian, Assyrian, Greek) from ISIS-Daesh, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, and other Sunni Islamic Jihadist terror-proxy-armies supported, directly & indirectly, by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar.

    While Western Powers attacked these Jihadist groups, they tiptoed so as not to upset Jihadist Benefactors.

    The various Kurdish political groups and militias have demonstrated bravery and fortitude worth noticing, respecting, and deserving of continued support. It’s worth mentioning that as the Kurds are without a homeland, they have been fighting the Turks, Iraqis, Syrians, and even the Iranians. Some of their political-militia groups are secular leaning and even some that are socialist in ideology. Most of the Kurds are Sunni and Sufi Muslims, tho many are moderate due to their unique culture. There’s also a population of Kurds who are Yazidi in the faith and they have suffered heavily under the Jihadists. It would be good that a Kurdistan be carved out of Southcentral and Southeastern Turkey, Northeastern Iraq, and the very Northern section of Syria. This new Kurdistan supported by the international community led by American and Russia.

    In this also, a new nation should created in this rearrangement of Middle Eastern borders; Christian Assyria on the Nineveh Plain with Mosul as it’s capital. This new nation would be multi-sectarian, allied with the new Kurdistan, and have to Christian Powers, the U.S. and Russian Federation, supporting it and both with a heavily armed peacekeeping force to assure Assyria’s survival.

    Some may scoff at these observations, this worldview, and these suggestions, but that’s fine.

    The suggestion by some in this segment about western democracy being needed in the region, well!, to be honest western style democracy does not work everywhere, especially in ancient cultures like those in the Mesopotamian Region of the Mideast.

    May The Lord Almighty Have Mercy Upon This Region and Peoples +++

  7. If American presence and military might is the ultimate solution to everything why is Iraq still not prosperous nation after 17 years, or Afghanistan, or Libya? or dozen other places.
    The guy in the van is just a propaganda mouth piece, no one wants to make this region prosperous, they just want cheep (or free) oil, and geopolitical control over the area.

  8. Freedom, seriously? Is that why are you there for. Or for stealing the oil as your president confess and you need a separatist player to do that. And here is your beloved Kurd serves for. You never care for anyone beside profit. So fck your interest you scumbags

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