Virginia Public School Teacher: Don't Be Afraid to Donate a Bible to Your Local School

Virginia Public School Teacher: Don’t Be Afraid to Donate a Bible to Your Local School



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  1. This is spectacular! Praise Jesus son of the Almighty God for getting this out and putting this on people’s hearts to do! Let’s give children the tools to strengthen their walk with Jesus; a means by which they can choose the Doctrine of Truth and Salvation, in a place that we thought was lost. God always finds a way. 🤗

  2. GO back in history. To start with there is no Separation of church and State. The founder's of our public school system, Benjamin Franklin for one said,the BIBLE is to ALWAYS be Taught! Look it UP.

  3. Crazy world today. They want us to tolerate Muslims even as their book says the surest way to heaven is to kill and die for Allah, and you're quickly labelled a bigot if you say anything against Muslims, but it's ok if you ridicule a Christian for preaching about the Gospel. No one will label you a bigot for that.

  4. This is excellent as God is using beautiful people to fight back against those like the Freedom from Religion Foundation who have hissy fits when they see or hear about God. We need to do more, a lot more.

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