Big Stakes in Election Day on Tuesday, What Will It Tell Us About 2020?

Big Stakes in Election Day on Tuesday, What Will It Tell Us About 2020?

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  1. Lets be clear if the Dems win Virginia they do so with a mandate to take guns from the people. With the way the Dems have been acting lately particularly in relation to this impeachment fiasco it is very likely that any federal power they get at any time means they will strip all of guns and take over power by the ugliest means possible. It is very very very dangerous to give Democrats any power at this stage. They've turned into despots making a mockery of the constitution and the rule of law, they must not receive any power and all Republicans need to be out in those ballot boxes making sure that America is prevented from becoming a lawless nation controlled by dictators and despots. This is URGENT action indeed.

  2. I really wish people would stop using the self protection argument for the 2nd amendment.
    The correct statement that should be repeated often is that we need our 2nd amendment to fight against any government that would seek to take any of our rights away.
    It needs to become obvious that it is the government that we need to protect ourselves against.

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