Using 'Hate' Labels to Demonize Christians, SPLC Put This Christian Ministry on Par with the KKK

Using ‘Hate’ Labels to Demonize Christians, SPLC Put This Christian Ministry on Par with the KKK

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  1. Speaking for my self i hate no one. Disagreeing with someones beliefs isnt hateful. I disagree with many things but i dont lash out with hate. If I'm hated for my beliefs that is a sign the person themselves need change. Im not required to change anyone. I am required to love them.

  2. I am a Christian, but even if I werent I would have enough common sense to know marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman. Look at the animals and bugs, they know it only works 1 way. I would like to ask the gay rights activists this… If this is "NATURAL" or "ok" what if the first humans all practiced the gay lifestyle??? We would look like mars… Or California

  3. I've noticed those that like to attack supporters of CBN's stories. They don't post right away when the stories come out, they wait until most viewers have come and gone (2-3 days later) and try to propagadize individuals at that time, when most viewers aren't noticing…

  4. To say that homosexuality is a sin and that people need to repent from it and all other sins, because of what the Bible says, is not hate. On the contrary, it is the most loving thing to do to try to warn people before judgment day. God will judge and if we are without Jesus, we are all in big big trouble. JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY that we can have forgiveness of sins. That's what happened on the cross 2000 years ago. No one took His life from HIM. It was His gift of salvation to you. Salvation from what? From hell. Is hell a real place? The Bible says it is, and it is the most loving thing you can do to try to warn people not to go there. Truth is what corresponds to reality. The Bible can't be only true for some people and not for others. Since it is true, it is true for everyone. We don't get to decide what is true, only if we will accept the truth. If you knew it was going to rain today, you'd take an umbrella. If you knew that when you die you'd have to face a holy and perfectly just Judge for your crimes against Him, and sins against your conscience, you would do all you can to get right with your JUDGE who is Your Maker and is HIMSELF GOD. Would would be forever grateful to anyone who tried to warn you before that great and dreadful day in God's courtroom that awaited you.

  5. To be a true Christian is the opposite of hate .we are sharing the good news of our savior Jesus Christ who made a way for us .but to a lost and fallen world this message condemns them and sounds hateful to them .it all started with Cain the first person ever born and is still going on today.

  6. Absolutely correct. I don't know why they call themselves a law center when they are going against the constitutional rights of all christians and true bible believers. As far as I'm concerned, splc is totally uncredible and a stain on America.

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