Virginia's Elections Are a Really Big Deal: Why Liberal Billionaires Like Soros Flooded the State wi

Virginia’s Elections Are a Really Big Deal: Why Liberal Billionaires Like Soros Flooded the State with Cash

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  1. As a Virginian, for years I have blamed the Republicans for the harsh and idiotic stance of maintaining cannabis prohibition. We have one of the highest cannabis related arrest rates in the country and it sucks. Maybe now that the Democrats finally have some power here we can legalize and regulate it for adults. Locking us up for it is not making us any better! It just drives the criminal underground movement. Everyone that wants it already gets it one way or another. The biggest danger is you don't know exactly what you're getting by having to go that route.

  2. The liberals in America are stealing our freedom why should I believe in a democracy when it's nothing but a thief by any other name. This is the party of slavery that wants to make all people slaves

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