CBN NewsWatch PM: November 6, 2019

A leading Virginia Republican says watch out as the State House turns blue – with Democrats taking both chambers. He says outside, extreme democrats will have high expectations on key culture issues and expect newly elected Dems to pay-up. …

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  1. Woe to Virginia! DemoRats celebrate with the likes of globalist Soro that poured money to certain states such as VA, to grab power over them. Now they are boasting for their destructive ideology plans! VA will now get the fate of San Francisco death camps of joblessness, illegal drugs & needles on their streets, depths of crime, communities, like SF & LA, littered with feces and rat infestation & homelessness! Woe to every State taken over by Democrat socialist/ communist! Woe,woe, woe!

  2. Whistleblower an Attacker!!!

    Just because Democrats portray him as a Whistleblower doesn't mean he is. Robert Hansen the FBI agent known by the movie "Breach" was likewise a high ranking and respected within his community agent. So long as there is one iota of evidence or even the mere mention and claim coming from anywhere slightly credible means "We must protect a Sitting President." First and foremost the identity of this potential "Attacker" must be released immediately. He could be a John Wilkes Booth or another James Hodgekinson the Baseball Shooter. He could be another Robert Hansen. Protect the President first! This alleged CIA rogue agent could have more in-store for our President and Republican Senate! He could be more than a 'character assassin' and without knowing who he is our President is in Harms Way!

    We've heard from Mark Levin and from Donald Trump Jr that they know who he is, and they both have alleged that he is a Democrat and Trump Hater. That he may have one iota of political objectives with this interpretation of our Presidents conversations is all the proof needed to rise to the challenge that he is a Fake Whistleblower and recognize the possible truth he is an Attacker or Assassin! Anyone who refuses to release his name and whereabouts should be charged as an accomplice to Conspiracy to Treason. The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of this Fake Whistleblower must be revealed now, not later. It's the life and liberty of a President of the United States that is in jeopardy! We must stop pandering Democrat Party objectives, as they would care less if this guy is some closet John Wilkes Booth. Their forefathers sure didn't mind Booths death of Lincoln, as some even sheltered Booth. So we should not let the Democrats pander what is obviously an Attacker and not a Whistleblower- just because they say so! Give a President the Benefit of the Doubt over a lower ranking agent with a political agenda!

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