'Trump Is Not on the Ballot': Democrats' Big Win in VA May Not Be Referendum on the President

‘Trump Is Not on the Ballot’: Democrats’ Big Win in VA May Not Be Referendum on the President

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  1. Thank you for our great economy President Donald Trump. Thank you for the more than 600,000 new manufacturing jobs, lowest unemployment rate for African-Americans and Hispanics in history, lowest unemployment in 50 years, opportunity zones, etc. And thank you for exposing the massive propaganda produced by the left.

  2. Why in Gods name would the people of Virginia vote these Democrats into office?
    Have they not seen what Democrats have don’t you California, Washington State Oregon, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Maryland …? The common denominator is that they’re ALL run into the ground by Democrats!
    Virginia, you are headed for disaster and destruction of your state.

  3. I'm so sad for this news, We live in VA and there is a lot of people here who are fighting for moral values and God first ! But also the big cities here are control by Democrats they even don't have anybody running for Republican party so they just win , just like that !! That's crazy! I'm worry about my children future, I move from Honduras to have a better life here but now I can see, how things country is turning like the country I left.😣

  4. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12
    Matthew 24
    2 Thimothy 3:1-9
    We are in the end times. Hang in there and draw close to Jesus. He is at the door . It is going to be ok bc in the end we win.
    Continue to prayfor the lost ,even though I think we are separated with the wheat and tares . Don't argue don't hate ……
    Much love and blessings to my brothers and sisters.

  5. This is scary. I thought Virginians were smarter than this. And black people are still blind,voting against themselves. Please awake Virginians…. be bold… speak truth…. work hard to open the eyes of those who are sleeping. You are called for such a time as this.

  6. How is this election is legal when don't have President Trump and other Candiate names of other political parties on the Voting Ballots. This is insane. Well people of Virginia and Kentucky everyone will have lay offs from Coal Mine industry and be back on Welfare and Unemployment. This President said for those that did not vote for me I am working for all of the Americans. After what this President has accomplished bring jobs back to USA for real loyal American true to this country.
    God we need your devine intervention more than ever.
    In Jesus Name Amen.

  7. Imho, POTUS should secretly and silently go after the thugs that mur-der-er-ed NINE AMERICANS. They knew exactly who they were targeting. Stop letting yourselves be fooled. These are the same thugs with wea-pons that ‘You’ want to let in our Bor-der. What wrong with this picture? Pray for God to save our country before it’s too late.

  8. Historically, conservatives have had a bad habit of not using their right to vote, too many not getting out! That's what POTUS has been saying, we've got to STOP expecting there will be enough conservatives out voting, thus more than enough to take care of us if we don't make it out to vote ourselves. THIS is what gets us every single time! Not getting out there for the 15- 20 minutes to cast a vote! They've been cheating in VA for YEARS! Rigged voting machines, criminal poll workers, and other means of cheating! The diebold machines are RIGGED to the T! I know because we had them in Va Beach, and I saw my own vote switch to the other side back in 2012! The poll worker had to help me figure how to switch it back. Then the city got mega phone calls from citizens complaining of the same thing. Finally, the following year we got new machines, but still don't trust them as we receive NO RECEIPT to match it against and prove our vote got cast which still makes it convenient for them to cheat!! Understand people, the ONLY way and I mean the ONLY way to supersede cheating, is to get out in large numbers to vote! It's how we got Trump elected, there were way too many of us against their cheating, i.e. too many of got out and VOTED!

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