Babies Intact for Organ Harvesting: Company Admits Selling Aborted Baby Parts a Lucrative Business

Babies Intact for Organ Harvesting: Company Admits Selling Aborted Baby Parts a Lucrative Business

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  1. Abortion itself is murder of most innocent of life that continues to be lawful in America… how can we as a nation who themselves are fathers mothers sisters brother grand parents of existing gifts in our own lives, continue to allow this in our law and call it planned parenthood…and expect God to keep His hand on this country? This was never never never never ok and will never be. That is truth.

  2. If you become pregnant but can't afford to raise a child then get an ab0rtion .
    I'm tired of seeing tax dollars going to fund foster care and welfare programs to support children born to couples who reproduced when they couldn't afford to raise a child.

  3. No one buys dead minnows for bait. The human has to be alive to harvest the organs……learn thr truth of being an orgam donor. They will lie and say something about brain dead, that can legally mean brain swelling.

  4. Drugs and facist and communism immigrants are turning what was once good into Sodom..President needs to cut off the head..Better scanners at airports.A way to use A.I to check every import into North America..Use A.I for good instead of enslaving the earth..O and a nice ice prison in Antartica….Thats a freezing good idea..

  5. Have we killed a child that would find a cure for cancer
    when they had grown up..
    Imagine the horror the babys would be going through..
    To be cut up in your mothers body. The place of protection and love.
    I believe in a God and I fear for the souls of the Murderers.

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