'Uphold Our Constitution': Trump Marks Major Milestone with Appointment of 150th Federal Judge

‘Uphold Our Constitution’: Trump Marks Major Milestone with Appointment of 150th Federal Judge

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  1. 2016 was the most clear choice in election history
    >>I agreed w Trump 82% and Clinton 12% >>>Try

    SCOTUS Heller decision: Clinton, no >>>Trump, yes

    End Obamacare/job killing, Medicaid expanding, and healthcare expense increasing: Clinton, no>>Trump, yes

    Protect sovereignty/exit Paris Climate agreement: Clinton, no >>>Trump, yes

    End job killing taxes/regs: Clinton , no >>Trump, yes.

    We never hear abt income tax revenue on CNN, etc….Why?
    It's the highest in history due to…… Trump's tax cuts/Laffer Curve
    So, Leftists merely want to tax increase due of envy increase gov dependency, not to increase government revenue.

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