News on The 700 Club: November 8, 2019

As seen on “The 700 Club,” November 8, 2019.:

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  1. Why weren't the Christians trained and armed, and guaranteed supplied to defend themselves? Must American soldiers do it forever? And with Bloomberg: Look what jealousy can do to an already rich man. And with Kanye: Look what an inspiring President can do to a lost soul.

  2. The President needs to now put in stiff sanctions. We had no business entering the Middle East in the first place; it made things worse. Islam will always fight to take over the world bc that's what the koran instructs them, since mohamed came on the scene. These people have always hated Jews, Christians, and those who don't believe as they do. (It's like the Dems' and their hatred, in this country. It takes the hand of God and prayer, to change hearts). No amount of U.S. soldiers' blood spilt, will end this. Thousands of U.S. soldiers killed, millions injured for life, $8trillion spent; still unrest. The U.S. cannot fight all the world's war. Other countries have to step in. We have to pray God's intervention and wisdom. Wish Israel could take in the Christians but they're also dealing with their Deep State. The deep state state here in U.S., has contributed to keeping things stirred up in Middle East – profitable.

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