Support Same-Sex Weddings or Else! CO Commission That Hounded Jack Phillips Now Targets Christian We

Support Same-Sex Weddings or Else! CO Commission That Hounded Jack Phillips Now Targets Christian Web Designer

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  1. God is found in the US Constitution. Laws are to be based on that same spirit as the Founders were inspired to. Any deviation from this truth is Unamerican; one that is NOT of this country. And the Founders were all Christians. And that is a fact!

  2. Which legal rights do we believe they should be relieved of?

    Or which actions, ultimately, would we argue they be jailed for?

    Ultimately, it’s when the public or private practice of faith is restricted that the line will be drawn because nobody wants to be threatened with loss if income or imprisonment for being themselves and living their peaceful lives unmolested by the law.

  3. When you get right down to it…. Marriage is between a man and a woman period, yet they try to push their perversion on everyone….
    No matter what laws these people change, they'll never truly be happy because they know their lifestyle choice is wrong…. I don't want to cause any arguments… I'm simply stating my beliefs and opinion… My 1st amendment gives me this right…. Business owners have every right to refuse business…..

  4. And why aren't Christians protesting at CO Commission and Commissioner's house? Tens of millions of Christians allegedly yet all are cowardly. Why aren't they targeting Muslims? They know Muslims will protest and go Jihad on them, teaching these secular Satanic perverts some lesson.

  5. Its called free will! God given free will!! I have the right to work for whom i choose!! Just as the cake shop owner an this lady!! I dont have to do anything i dont wanna do!! I can serve God…or not!# i can watch what i choose on tv….i can shower when i want….i can eat what i choose!!! If choose to eat biscuits an gravy an some else dont like it….they dont have to eat it!!! Just as my neighbor or the government doesnt have the right to tell me when to mow my yard or how high it should be!!! When you force someone to do as you do or to believe as you believe your taking away the God given right of free will!!! No government has the right to impede apon your free will!!! I dont endorse gays or transgenders….but i don't condemn them for there life style….for i dont have such authority…..they condemn themselves by rejecting God….just as a drunk or dope addict or adulter or satanist!! Its not my life style nor would i endorse or condone such wickedness….but im not going to try to force anyone to live my way!!! Let the wheat grow with the tars till the harvest… stand strong children of God!! An dont give one inch to these people!! Cause all they are doing is condemning themselves for soon every knee shall bow an every tongue shall confess Jesus Christ is lord of lords an king of kings!!!

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