Turkish-Backed Jihadist Forces Assaulting ‘Zone of Death’ in NE Syria 11/8/19

Turkish-backed Jihadist army keeps up assault on ‘zone of death’ in NE Syria — who will help? And could Turkish invasion be just first step in Erdogan’s dream of a Greater Turkey? Plus a stunning tribute to a Free Burma Ranger who died saving lives.

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  1. I understand you my dear western friends; you could not eat Turkey in the World War I and did not have the opportunity to do that in the II and yes you have managed to weaken Turkey to the degree that it has to get aggressive to protect its borders. My humble advice to you is that you should stop backstabbing Turkey because you are not only wasting your resources and energy by supporting the feudal Kurds as if they were the part of western civilisation but also scattering the seeds of hate running against all the ideals your great civilisation has created.

  2. "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

    – Mark 11:24
    Prayers for JESUS CHRIST help during this time that he will stand beside you and protect you all ❤❤❤ Claim it to be done in truth

  3. For Israels security they must work more in the future than they do now. If we got peace in the middle east and an all arabian are unit and look to Israel ! That can be a big problem. For Israels security must the never be peace in the middle east before the foregn zionist rules over all.

  4. why u ppl supporting israel when u r very weak and they r very strong ? and why u ppl pray for israel when they r careless about our bros and sisters in syria and iraq ? its absolutely out of my mind when poor ppl like u shall always pray for wealthy ppl israel to get peace and they do nothing for God"s ppl around them ( Israel )… please open ur heart and mind.

  5. US military continue to support terrorists
    More than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey!!! the PKK — listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S. and the European Union — has been responsible for deaths of 40,000 Turkish people, including women, children and infants.

  6. @cbn news i invite you to truth. first of all the map you have showed is posted by fake account and that account was clossed by facebook. There is no danger for Christians (same goes for people who only believe science like me) . you can check the numbers of Christians who lives in turkey. I also have to add this detail; turkey is not fighting against kurds. it is a country which opened it's doors when saddam attacked kurds. you can also check numbers of kurds live in turkey, numbers of kurds in parliment' number of the kurds within akp. i strongly suggest cbn will be objective and tell the story with the facts and numbers. you can also check tha lates video of washington post.

  7. Pretty shocking popoganda from CBN news. Maybe attempt to be fair and accurate in your reporting? Your just lying. It's not my view or opinon it's a fact. "Erdogan's dream of a Greater Turkey"?? Are you crazy? unhinged? Turkey considers the YPG to be the same as the terrorist PKK organisation which commits acts of terror Turkey. Let's me just quote the president of the kurdistain regional goverment in Iraq. “Turkey's problem in the beginning was not Kurds in Syria, it was the PKK. They were clear in saying one thing: 'we cannot bear seeing the flag of the PKK on our borders with Syria,’” "We have always tried to make our friends in Syria understand that [Turkey’s concerns] are a grave danger,” he added. He continued by saying that the suffering of the Syrian Kurds under the Turkish incursion came as a result of PKK “policy” to gain legitimacy in Syria. “The biggest problem was that the PKK tried to obtain its legitimacy at the expense of Syrian Kurds. What Kurds eventually suffered came as a result of the wrong policy they followed,” he added.

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