Trump Campaign Unveils 'Black Voices for Trump' Coalition for 2020

Trump Campaign Unveils ‘Black Voices for Trump’ Coalition for 2020

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  1. I admire you! I am African American. I voted for Trump in 2016. I was convinced and prayed that He wins. I told people that day he will win. And the LORD answered our prayers. He will win again. I loudly tell everyone Trump is my friend. I pray for him everyday and I ask the LORD to protect him. I hate dishonesty and all this nonsense political correctness that is deception. Trump is none of that. I am a true follower of JESUS CHRIST that is the only reason I don't go on tv to fight these demonrats. My prayers is that he continues to stand strong and expose all these African leaders that use their people as trash and destroy their nations such as Nigeria and others. I am praying he sees through what those people do to their people including the ones here in America calling themselves democrats

  2. Trump cares far more about Americans Of all colors and religions , democrats are racist liars thieves and treasonous cowards , I love that people are coming together and backing mr trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I guess this older black gentleman doesn't care that black unemployment is at an all time low, the crime bill releasing thousands most are black men, money to all black colleges but I am thinking his allegiance to his party is more important than improving peoples lives.  Party Above All, that's the motto of the Democrats.  Really sad…

  4. People should never be a shame for being their own man Democratic Party is 4 inch aside late-term abortions I can support late-term abortions but I don't want to be on the Democratic side or the Republican side or the white side or the black side want to be on God's side liberals hate God freedom and the Constitution

  5. He needs 20-25 % percent of the Black Vote . Maybe release a couple hundred nonviolent blacks from Prison. Are maybe send the Federal Marshals into Chicago , it might show his version of a nonviolent black community in the Trump Presidency( Executive Order).

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