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  • The New ‘Harriet’ Biopic Is Faithful to Tubman’s Faith

    Biographer Kate Clifford Larson talks about the famous female abolitionist and the cinematic portrayal of her life.

    Interview by Jenny McGill

  • Jesus Stopped Me from a Shooting Rampage

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    ‘Rage of Evil’ documentary recounts would-be school shooter’s road to redemption

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    Celina Durgin

  • Faith-Based Show ‘Vindication’ Displays Realities of Sexual Abuse

    The Amazon Prime series is personal for its starring actress Emma Elle Roberts.

    Josh M. Shepherd

  • Phil Vischer Wants More Gospel in the Veggies

    VeggieTales is back, with an emphasis on the New Testament and biblical story.

    Interview by Kara Bettis

  • The Righteous Gemstones Shines Its Satire on a Televangelist Empire

    For Christians, is the irreverent, unrighteous HBO comedy a laughing matter?

    Knox McCoy

  • What Hollywood Gets Right About Snake-Handling Christians

    The sincere portrayal in “Them That Follow” gives mainstream believers perspective on the real oddity of our faith.

    Kutter Callaway

  • Boomers, Take It from Woody or Iron Man: It’s Time to Pass the Torch

    This summer’s blockbusters showcase the importance of transferring wisdom between generations.

    Kutter Callaway

  • The Jonas Brothers, “The Bachelor,” and Our Culture’s Rejection of Sexual Purity

    Perhaps the culture’s aversion to the Christian sexual ethic is actually a rejection of its source.

    Gabriella Siefert

  • What This Charleston Massacre Documentary Wants to Tell Us About Forgiveness

    A close look at the deadly church shooting, “Emanuel” reveals ruthless sin, scandalous mercy, and divides that persist.

    Josh M. Shepherd

  • The Problem of Evil in ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

    In the CW’s take on the teenage witch, Satan is front and center.

    S. D. Kelly

  • ‘Best of Enemies’: Overcoming Fear With Love

    Taraji P. Henson says her faith influenced her decision to play Ann Atwater, the Christian woman who got the head of the Ku Klux Klan to consider integrating Durham schools.

    Kenneth R. Morefield

  • Jesus’ Life Chosen for Two Very Different TV Series

    One is scholarly with a big cable budget, the other is gritty and crowdfunded.

    Josh Shepherd

  • Cinema of God: Muslims Memorialize Augustine

    North African nations bring church father to the silver screen.

    Jayson Casper

  • Go Ahead. Love That Rom Com.

    Rebel Wilson’s latest film reflects the common urge to trash romance. But love stories point us toward a deeper affection for God.

    Alicia Cohn

  • A Voice in the Crowd

    What’s good and what’s bad about unpopular opinions.

    Gina Dalfonzo

  • Mankind Was Scrooge’s Business (and George Bailey’s, Too)

    Two of our favorite Christmas stories teach us that no one can be redeemed in isolation.

    Gina Dalfonzo

  • ‘Kim’s Convenience’ Isn’t Just Another Family Sitcom

    The Netflix show offers a fresh way of looking at both Christians and immigrants.

    D. L. Mayfield

  • The Unexplored Faith in Ken Burns’s ‘The Mayo Clinic’

    Film relates the role of faith in the prestigious hospital founding but remains quiet about patients’ own beliefs.

    Jenny Collins

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