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  • What Kanye West’s Sunday Service Taught Me About Grace

    When I visited Kanye’s Sunday Service, I was met by contradiction, a mix of characters, and a spiritual lesson.

    Curtis Yee

  • One-on-One with Keith Getty on SING! An Irish Christmas, Just Released Today

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    “High Christianity’s positive contribution to artistic culture can actually spill into every area of our lives.”

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    Ed Stetzer

  • After His Son’s Death, TobyMac Tells Fans: ‘We Follow God Because We Love Him’

    Truett Foster McKeehan, 21, performed his first hip hop show a week before he died.

    Daniel Silliman

  • Andrew Peterson: Creativity Isn’t Just for ‘Creatives’

    Artists and storytellers cultivate beauty and mystery. So do teachers, parents, and church potluck planners.

    Interview by W. David O. Taylor

  • Master’s Seminary Grad Takes Kanye’s Crowds to Church

    How the pastor of a small, nondenominational Bible church ended up in Kanye’s circle.

    Kara Bettis

  • Why Chris Tomlin Still Dominates Both Radio and Sunday Morning

    Today’s most-sung worship anthems come from relatively few songwriters—half are by top hitmakers Tomlin, Hillsong, Bethel Music, and Matt Redman.

    Megan Fowler

  • 4 Ways Muslims’ Religious Freedom Fight Now Sounds Familiar to Evangelicals

    The two faiths have endured similar legal backlash—underscoring the importance of advocating for religious freedom for all.

    Thomas C. Berg

  • Big Daddy Weave Frontman ‘Blown Away’ That His Song Led to Murder Confession

    The Christian chart-topper “Redeemed” brought spiritual freedom for a man now serving a life sentence.

    Megan Fowler

  • The ‘Jeykll and Hyde’ Church: The Long Journey Back to Our Mission

    Why does it seem the church is unable to be who she is called to be?

    Laurie Nichols

  • We’re Not from Here

    In the same way Dorothy longs for Kansas, the Church longs for the New Jerusalem.

    Josh Laxton

  • Has Kanye Lost His Jesus Complex and Found Christ?

    The rapper attributes his turnaround and creative inspiration to godly obedience.

    Kate Shellnutt

  • Challenging a ‘Dark Horse’: Christian Rappers Win Beat-Stealing Lawsuit Against Katy Perry

    UPDATE: The pop star and her team were ordered to pay $2.8 million in damages.

    Morgan Lee

  • Making the Liturgy Sing a New Song

    How a retired Anglican priest and a young church music director created Liturgical Folk.

    Elizabeth Hamilton

  • Running from the Light—and the Snakes

    An opera heroine’s conflict with her faith and family has dangerously high stakes.

    Gina Dalfonzo

  • Exclusive: Here’s the Justin Bieber Selfie w/ Biola’s Prez Barry Corey. Sry TMZ.

    “I could tell that he had an attraction to people that seemed like it was from the heart.”

    Ed Stetzer

  • A Voice in the Crowd

    What’s good and what’s bad about unpopular opinions.

    Gina Dalfonzo

  • Kurt Kaiser Passes Away, But His Music Will Pass It On

    From Word Music to Baylor University, Christian composer leaves a legacy of hundreds of songs.

    Kate Shellnutt

  • How BSF Saved Sandi Patty

    In her new book, “The Voice,” the award-winning singer reflects on Bible Study Fellowship’s role in her faith formation.

    Interview by Michelle Van Loon

  • One-on-One with Keith Getty on the Sing! Conference and the Importance of Song, Part 2

    The Sing! Conference is about creating a new song and a new hymnal for churches.

    Ed Stetzer

  • One-on-One with Keith Getty on the Sing! Conference and the Importance of Song, Part 1

    Getty’s five-year conference engages theology, the arts, and song.

    Ed Stetzer

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