Southwestern Seminary enters partnership with OBU

FORT WORTH (BP)—Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Oklahoma Baptist University have established a pathway for OBU bachelor’s degree students to enter Southwestern Seminary’s master’s degree programs with advanced standing, expediting their theological education.

“I’m delighted with this new partnership with OBU, further strengthening the strong relationship between Seminary Hill and Bison Hill,” said Adam Greenway, president of Southwestern Seminary. “It’s a win-win-win—for Southwestern Seminary, for OBU, and—most of all—for students.”

Accelerated pathway toward master’s degree

The relationship between the two institutions provides an accelerated pathway from a bachelor’s degree at OBU to a master’s degree at Southwestern Seminary. OBU students will be able to receive master’s credit at Southwestern Seminary for work done at OBU.

Through this collaboration, bachelor’s degree graduates from OBU who already have taken courses in Old Testament, New Testament, biblical languages and church history may demonstrate their proficiency in these subjects through advanced standing tests at Southwestern Seminary. If graduates pass these tests, then they will receive credit for these courses at the master’s level, and they will not be required to repeat them during their studies at the seminary.

“In short, this partnership provides a more efficient way for students to train for their calling,” said Mark Leeds, registrar at Southwestern Seminary. - shop now!

Randy Stinson, provost and vice president for academic administration at Southwestern Seminary, said the relationship is beneficial for both institutions and serves as an example of cooperation between like-minded institutions. - shop now!

“We are excited about the partnership, which will provide a pathway for OBU students to enter master’s programs at Southwestern ahead of the game,” Stinson said. “We look forward to a healthy and prosperous relationship between OBU and Southwestern for many years into the future.”

Save time and money

Heath A. Thomas, newly elected president of OBU, added: “For over 100 years, Oklahoma Baptist University has transformed lives through a distinctively Christian liberal arts education. We are discerning in our partnerships—we partner with like-minded institutions in our Baptist family that are committed to biblical, orthodox and practical ministry training. Southwestern Seminary has been committed to this vision for decades.

“OBU has worked with Southwestern Seminary for a B.A. to M.Div. pathway through extension centers in the past, but we believe this new pathway will serve our students strategically for the future, saving them time and money as they move from a world-class undergraduate education to a world-class graduate education.”

Thomas added that, as both an OBU and Southwestern Seminary alum, he is delighted to see this fellowship emerge between the two institutions.

“It is true that we can do more together than we can do alone,” he said.

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