'This Has Got to Stop. It's Evil': Turkish Military Using Drones to Attack Civilians and Military Ta

‘This Has Got to Stop. It’s Evil’: Turkish Military Using Drones to Attack Civilians and Military Targets in Northern Syria



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  1. Ask God to be your refuge and support, not President Trump even though I respect him. God will not change but man will..At the end of the day man is man and God is God..We pray for the Kurds and all suffering syrians. Let the "Prince of Peace" encompass the Middle East….Hoping a good outcome….

  2. Islamic Rogue colonies Turkey and Iran must be dealt with military action by the US and other powers or else there will be Hell on earth in the middle east.!
    Cult Islam and it's deceived actors your days are numbered and counting.!
    Erdogan your days are numbered.!!

  3. Turkey is second largest army in NATO. They are official allies unlike the Kurds. The Kurds should work with their own country Syria who is very capable of defending them. We have no legal right to be in Syria and have no way to end this conflict within our lifetimes. It is not America's job or right to go around the world bombing. Turkey nor Assad have any love for terrorist and have shown to be much more effective than US at killing them. Creating homelands for ethnic minorities in other peoples countries is something else America is not capable of doing. Pray for peace. And demand these oil mongering politicians bring our troops home asap. Saudi Arabia is the center and export of extremist islam. They give us oil and buy us weapons so this is often not mentioned. #pray #peace #NotOurWar

  4. How nice! Not a single photo from Raqqa after carpet bombings of US air force yet so called journalists report from the field, shameful.
    Turkey, basing on UN article 51 is in Syria what about USA. No one invited them, they are literally an invasion force. No one talks about Turkmens and their sufferings. Which Kurds are you talking about? A group of people whose first target in every place, Northern Iraq for instance, is registry offices so that they can change ethnic map of the areas? Besides, if Turkey had a problem with Kurds it would not have allowed them to enter Turkey during the raids of Saddam or recently from Syria.

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