Trump Stands Up to UN with U-Turn on Settlements: 'Historic Day for Israel'

Trump Stands Up to UN with U-Turn on Settlements: ‘Historic Day for Israel’

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  1. I'm conflicted about President Trump. In the old testament, Kings who followed God were good, those who didn't weren't. I support most of Trump's governance, but let's not pretend he is seeking whole heatedly after God.

  2. Gloooooory. JESUS is coming soon. HE REIGNS Halleluuuuuujaaaaa.💃💃💃💃😃👆🔯👑 God bless ISRAEL and PRESIDENT TRUMP. What a President💃💃💃💃 fighting for RIGHTEOUSNESS. God bless Secretary of State and all who agree. God bless AMERICA. 🙏🙏🙏😄😄😄👆👆👆God is smiling in heaven. Galatians 1:10 ❤😘this kiss is for Jesus 😄. People come to Jesus He offers an AWESOME LIFE.

  3. Praise God forever!!!! Thank you President Trump! This was the BEST Christmas/Hannukah Present any of us could ever get!!!!!! I feel like I just got a shot of B-12! I am jumping and shouting for JOY in the Holy Spirit!!!!! God will have His Way and no one will stop Him from doing what His plan is for this crazy world!! Glory to the God of Israel and may His Name be Exalted Forever in the Highest! Yeshua! Name Above All Names! May God bless President Trump and his family and Bibi Netanyahu and his family this holiday season!!!

  4. The only illegality was that the so called Palestinians were the illegal residents…squatters on land they knew was not theirs and never would be. I do feel pity for the occupying families who have been squatters for some 2thosahd years, their families must feel that was their generational inheritance and will have to move or live under Israeli rule, just as the Israelis have done during all that time of their forced moving from their land those millennia ago. Other territories and lands are facing the same upheavals right now. The Turks want the end of Syrian territory they claim was always theirs, back-returned. In North America, the Mexicans still want Texas and California southern ends returned to them as they claim it was always theirs. Even tho these territories were lost in military battles and re-established as being part of the USA for hundreds or thousands of years , they demand the return of territories to the former occupants. The American Indians have always wanted their territories back too. We have no end to the ownership titles on any of these disputed over territories. The complications boggle the mind. Only God can settles such disputes and territorial boundaries.

  5. Israel was the only country in the world that was forbidden by the U.N. to build homes for its citizens in their land. No one is bothering the Palestinians to live alongside with the Israelis. They rather have their children live in poverty and promote hatred than to join a developing country: Israel!

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