CBN NewsWatch AM: November 20, 2019

On Newswatch AM November 20th: Most anticipated witness in Democrats’ impeaching hearings, Trump’s EU ambassador Gordon Sondland, to testify today; Democratic Presidential candidates to hold latest debate in Atlanta tonight; strong backlash …

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  1. You know, I simply don't use services that do not hold Christian values. It's sad because I like many things that I've had to give up because I don't like a companies attack on Christianity, and I won't support them.

  2. Really? Get over yourselves sitting high and mighty as though your great. People hating on chick fil a…. Why? Because they don't want to donate to certain groups? What business is it of ours who they give money to. Its not like they are giving money to planed parenthood and abortion death clinics! Does anyone even know what these groups they stop donations to even are?
    Man people are so fickle and believe everything some clown behind a screen tells them. First they all love chick fil a. And Kanye West and Billy Gramm and a bunch of other things.
    Then they hear 1 thing and all of a sudden they are ready to throw there stones as though they have that authority to condemn…..
    You "Christians" want something to fight. Fight against black Friday that has killed Thanksgiving!….
    Fight against companies that destroys life and peoples food. Like Burger King and there fake whopper meat.
    At least i know chick fil a treats me kind from the moment i walk in to the food being real….. And taisty. And they respect and observe the Lord's day. (Yeah i know all you Sabbath people will get up in arms, but hey no one is perfect. Me personally i say make both days Holy) anyway… I know i ranted on….. And im sorry if i hurt peoples feelings. But c'mon really?

  3. Inflections of Quid Pro Quo

    For weeks now I have used a theoretical comparison that goes like this- What If FDR the day after Pearl Harbor had a check on his desk made out to Japan, and for aid. Maybe he would not sign it because no matter whether or not Congress had created the aid by law he knew that it would have been wrong to give Japan aid after they just killed thousands of Americans in Hawaii. President Trump had received evidence that Biden and family had been involved in illegal deals in Ukraine, so our President was in the same situation as the hypothetical FDR

    Inflection being- A change in the form of a word. In this case the inflection has been expanded to included a wider range of scenarios. The grammatical function simply reduced to the logic that works by a Sitting President would include the 'right' to bend the laws when it is apparent that such an act is all part & parcel of the "Oversight" that when using the FDR Theory would include a Presidents Rights to Stop Payments to an alleged enemy of America. At least temporarily until the issue is addressed by Congress. Which in fact was done by Congress, as Ukraine is getting it's aid! The quid pro quo became passively innate when congress called to attention the stop payments. The alleged quid pro quo never reached "Fruition" as the payments were ensued. Thus making the charge of quid pro quo in default and proves only that a President can be useful for the function of oversight, just as FDR would have done "If" the day after Pearl Harbor he had seen a check to Japan on his desk. Trump/Pence 2020!!!

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