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Growing Small Ideas into Big Vision

Growing Small Ideas into Big Vision

  1. Remain steadfast. Growth almost always takes time.  Sometimes, considerable time. We live in an instant world with a deep desire for instant gratification. There is value in the process. There is value in the mistakes and the lessons that followed.  Don’t give up, because you aren’t an overnight success.  Put in the time. Remain planted.  There are sowing and reaping seasons.  Rarely do people experience instant successes. Even so-called “overnight” successes often have traveled the journey for years. 
  2. Never compromise your character.  Little things will become big things.  Don’t steal the stapler. Don’t fudge the numbers. Don’t exaggerate the benefits of your product. Don’t manipulate to get a sale.  Remember those values that are most important to you.  Don’t be one person on-the-job and another off-the-job.  People will always appreciate you being a person of high integrity.  Treat people the way you want to be treated, regardless of how they treat you.  Don’t gossip about co-workers, other women, the boss, or the competition.  Go the extra mile. These things will matter.   There will be times when “they” lie.  If you grow, you will become subject to more scrutiny.  New level, new devil, as they say. There’s truth to that.  If you can’t handle the small things, you won’t be able to handle the big things. 
  1. EX:  Skating rink with my family, woman came up to me.  My integrity with my family on the weekend matters.  
  2. EX:  Early in the organization a woman called and left detailed msg on my machine about how I was not helping her enough and how I really didn’t’ have a heart for single moms. I was devastated.
  1. Relationship development matters.   Treat people kindly, even when you don’t need them.  Everyone is a builder of your business, your brand, your vision.  The conversations you have with people develop your diversity of thought. The weird interactions you have develop your sense of humor.  The kindness you exhibit will matter.  Take the time to get to know people, not numbers.  Don’t try to constantly sell someone something.  Just be present with them in the moment. Just love who they have been created to be.  Enjoy the interaction.  It would build to other things.
  2. There is room in the market for you (and your competitors).  This one may not be as popular an idea, because of course, all of us want the market share on our businesses. If we are speakers, we want to book more engagements, than other authors. If we run nonprofits, we want a bigger share of donor dollars. If we are real estate sales personnel, we want to sell more homes.  I get it.  But you are put on this earth for a specific purpose. You have purpose. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. You have a specific set of talents & skills that make you uniquely you.  That means that you don’t have to be intimidated by the competition or even be threatened in any way. In fact, you can be friends with others in your same field.  You can have friendly competition and celebrate their victories. 
  1. EX:  Jeff is in the mortgage business and counsels single moms all the time who he will likely never book a loan on. He is generous with his time. He could be out bounding phone calls during those meeting to generate more leads, but he is confident he’ll book the business the Lord intends for him to book.
  1. Do what you know to do and then learn something new.  You will never master the business you are in.  Moms, you will never master parenting.  Teachers, there will always be another skill you can gain.  We all have growth opportunities.  Take 2 self-improvement workshops a year.  Attend a marriage retreat, if you are married. Get involved in a Bible study that stretches & sharpens you. Always be growing & learning.
  2. Be confident and humble.  Confidence and humility can co-exist.  But so can confidence and pride. Humility says I know I didn’t get here on my own. My success is because of many around me and a God in heaven who created me. I am thankful and grateful.  However, you can still look people in the eye, be direct, and do so in a loving way.  Humble is not insecurity. Humility is an honest gratitude.  Insecurity is meek and unsure and lack of eye contact.  You have something to offer.

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