CBN NewsWatch PM: November 21, 2019

Illinois school board votes to allow transgender students unrestricted bathroom access; Israel’s Attorney General announces indictments against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Hong Kong protests continue; and more.

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  1. It sounds as if the socialists in Israel are trying to pull off a tandem get rid of our Leader at the same time as the socialists in the USA are trying to take over the Federal Government here. To's a definite sign that it's the New World Order socialist communists trying to usurp these sister countries to get their own ONW ideals back to their schedule that Soros and the Rothschilds planned for them.

  2. I couldn’t even imagine if my son came home and said seriously “l need to become a girl” I would never allow it. When “No” becomes outlawed, this is what happens. ….

  3. What happen to young generation They lost their faith and their purpose of life
    For the parents what are you doing you do not do your duty and responsibility as a parents. Please guide and educate your children until they will be successful .
    For the Dokter, please do not take the surgery for the youth before get permission from their parents
    or at list you have to suggest them to take consultation to psychology.

  4. They are pushing mental illness on us instead of treating the disorder, what happened to that, treating the disorder? I seen on t.v. that medicine to stop gender is killing people because it overloads their brain. I think they're putting something in the food. Do not give soy to males it has estrogen receptors. Where's the church's they used to get involved, this is a slap in God's face. We need to protect the children and their privacy. Or give them their own bathroom and sports because it's not fair. What about the young females feelings? Come on. Parents take your children out of schools, homeschooling is 2 hours a day. Lord God help us Amen

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