Former CIA Analyst to CBN News: 'An American Insurrection is Now Underway'

Former CIA Analyst to CBN News: ‘An American Insurrection is Now Underway’

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  1. I find it interesting that scrolling through the comments, I didn't find the word "Freemasonry" even one time, nor did I read anybody illustrating the fact that the Washington monument is a big Egyptian phallic symbol, nor did I see any messages pertaining to the "Oval office" being a representation of a woman's "ovaries"…!!! Just scratching the surface of interesting and telling symbolism should cause all of you so called concerned citizens to dig deeper, do some research on Freemasonry and the true mechanisms behind the Satanic seat of power not only in Wa. DC, but with most if not all governments around the world…!!!

  2. The left wants to take America, which belongs to all US citizens, and hand it out to whoever makes them feel good, and makes them feel good, and that just happens to be anyone- except Americans…

  3. Facts and truth only matter to honest people. The truth of the matter is that President Trump is fighting a system that has been totally corrupted and is now primarily focused and mandated to take him out. No one but those who are part of that system really know just how deep that rabbit hole truly goes and I suspect that even most of them do not. This corrupt system that had ensured the establishment of years of dictatorial democracy was completely disrupted when the good, fair, hard working American people dared to go and screw everything up by electing Donald Trump over their own hand picked puppet Kilary. I never was a fan of Donald Trump the man but as a President, he has my respect for doing mostly right by his people and his country the very best he knows how to when all the odds are stacked against him at every turn. The voting populace of America is anything but stupid and that is why President Trump is currently in the White house and will undoubtedly remain there.

  4. If we are to survive the enemies arranged against us on the outside.
    We must first hang the one's lurking among us…..American Pateriot
    ” We should have a revolution ever so often, to keep the government honest”….Thomas Jefferson,

  5. Barr was a Dishonest and Corrupt Attorney General under George H.W Bush just as Barr is that same Horrible and Corrupt Attorney General under Donald Trump!!! GOD Help Americans and Help thE Country as a Whole!!! CBN News is just another Horrible, Misleading, Misinforming and Reality Manipulating Corrupt U.S Corporate Media!!! CBN News is part of Our Countries Problems along with CNN, FOX News and MSNBC!!! Average Americans beware take a step back and Rest what You know and think You know!!! It's very important Right or Left don't just take Sides!!! Dive Deep in the Most Neutral Way and take time to Listen from All Sides Re-Educate Recheck Facts and Learn to Understand with a Open Mind!!!

  6. You people are so stupid you don't understand Christianity led us right into this. And you're so stupid that you don't even know what I'm talking about. It wasn't the left or liberal that got us here. So why are you complaining about the very thing that you led us here.

  7. What sticks in my mind is a speech Hillary Clinton made a few days after Trump's election when she told the country to actively show "Resistance " to Trump's efforts in the White House. I was amazed then and still am at how she got away with that traitorous call to her followers to obstruct and disable the Trump Administration. She should already be in prison , but obviously some powerful forces are protecting her.

  8. Could all be true, who knows for sure. Except that Trump and his administration are just as much a part of it all as the others mentioned here. Don't be naive to think otherwise. All this bickering and dividing and fighting only serves to keep the rich even richer and keep the rest of us busy with unimportant things.

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