CBN NewsWatch AM: November 26, 2019

On Newswatch AM November 26th: major winter storms hitting the US as Americans begin traveling for Thanksgiving; Michael Bloomberg campaign manager says Bloomberg is running because he believes Trump is currently on a path to winning in 2020 …

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  1. This is to the body of christ walk in the spirit God heard our prayer in this last election. We need to pray for president Trump God molded him for such a time as this! Pray! Pray!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. It is simply amazing that when the Dems want the vote we are no longer deplorable but working class that he identifies with! Give it up Bloomberg…we see what you are and no amount of $$$ is going to let you win! And deep inside you know this to be true!

  3. Bloomberg must if forgot the last election. Hillary dumped a boatload of money. She cheated too and still lost. Money doesn't buy you in the oval office. It's up to God who He puts in office. We pray its Donald Trump.

  4. Amen the Lord allows bad behavior . God let's us go where we should not ! Then He grabs you holds you loves you makes you clean ! Creates a gift in your heart that blesses the so called in blessable ! Praise the Lord young man pay back your earthly family. The beauty in your heart is Gods most precious blessing !

  5. Free Enterprise Capitalism vs Socialism Communism

    Do the Math! Capitalism here in USA is a Free Range system, that is anybody and everybody has the 'right' to get rich. While conversely Communism which appears to be the ultimate end direction of Socialism- that is by math logic each year taxes go up and eventually Socialism defaults into Communism. True! That in some Communist countries there are Millionaires, but using China as the most recognized example we can see clearly that millionaires and billionaires there must have some degree of divestment to the Communist leadership. Putin's Russia no longer an official Communist state is still considered a dictatorship that he runs by the same logic he learned in the KGB. A faux democracy proved by the arrests of billionaires that didn't tote party lines. Bottom Line: You can get rich in Capitalist USA and not worry that your money will be seized because of your race, religion and even criminal associations and more. But in a Socialist/Communist system your money can be taken if you are not a good friend of the Dictatorship! Better to vote for Trump IF you think someday in your life that great riches will be part of your future. If you are a pathetic loser that has decided your future will never find prosperity and great wealth then of course vote for Socialist Slavery. But remember it is only your own Negative Thinking and Bad Attitudes that made you a loser. Even the poorest men can still hope. I know as I'm there, just another 'barely getting by guy.' Trump/Pence 2020!!! MAGA!!!

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