Kanye West Comes to God, a Death-Defying Daredevil, & Shattering an Evil Empire

Kanye West’s new album, Jesus is King, is topping the charts, but it’s about much more than making money.

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  2. All I'm going to say is. Every one is screaming wait and see. I tell you now he is showing you, can you see it? Or are you Blind ? Your interpretation and convictions of Kanye will reveal your true relationship with God and Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the only way.

    It's not just about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and believing on him… It's about why he did what only he could, and how profound that act was is and continues to be for the world and it's inhabitants.

  3. Raised their hands for salvation? That’s written nowhere in the Bible. No one was ever saved by “raising their hands for salvation “. Acts 2:38 repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. This is how we are saved.

    IN his beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe, at 24 minute mark, WEST STATES "GOD IS IN EVERYTHING". And is EVERYWHERE.

    Use this gospel song, on the album says that we are to have faith in the father, and NOTHING about the CROSS of JESUS. People need to wake up! This is for the coming ANTICHRIST!

    Jesus is not king. JESUS is the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.

    You are being set up. READ 2 Cor 11: 4 about "Another Gospel/Jesus/Spirit & Kingdom!"

  5. Can Love cause War?

    All thru history we have old stories of Love affairs gone bad. Homers Iliad revolved around a love affair In Genesis 34 the Shechemites agreed to have all their males 'circumcised' so their king could marry an Hebrew woman. After being 'cut-off' they all got drunk to end the pain and while in their sleep the sons of Jacob went thru the Shecemite city and killed all the men there. Then they took all the women,children and livestock as 'booty.'

    In 1969 I was stationed in Camp Casey Korea as an Army medic. I was at the Division headquarters aid station. A cushy job site considering the others sent to Vietnam. One day another medic came to me with a request for help. With him was an Afro-American Lieutenant or Captain, I can't remember which it was, He was also an Military Police officer. And his request was for help. He had fallen in love with a Korean National and wanted to marry her, but the Army refused him because her Uncle was a known Communist. He was subsequently ordered to stay on base and was not allowed to see her anymore. So he asked us to smuggle him off base in the ambulance. We knew that if for any reason we got caught it would be a serious court martial, but we both agreed to take the chance. After all this was Romeo and Juliet stuff in real life. I can't remember this black mans name nor even knew how he got back on base, nor can I remember the other medic with me. I think he was Gordy Burton who also eventually married an Korean woman. Anyway we served the powers of Love, and set our own lives below the needs of someone we didn't even know. A fellow American who was in love.

    There are millions of stories about love and the forces politically that altered the course of history. Hundreds of years of slavery in America and the colonies had many still to this day unheard stories of love affairs between the races. The reality is these mixed racial love affairs were the core and foundation that led to Abolition. And love is still around in this world today. All these political attacks on President Trump reminds me that behind him is a wife and children. With Trump is 63 plus million voters who love their President and with these various degrees of love, compassion and yearning is the same obligations to defend him thru thick and thin. Looking back in history tells us that love is frequently the binding force that sends men to war. In knowing this fact of life let us all take a breather and rethink our priorities. President Trump has millions who may be willing to put their lives in harms way to preserve what appears to be far more than just a way of life.

    I'm sure men like Chuck Schumer and women like Nancy Pelosi also have people they love. Let them reconsider their actions against our good President. We are behind him 100% and don't believe what appears to be political lies concocted against him. We all have a desire to live an loving and peaceful life on Earth. So lets try and find some middle ground! The other option will end only in war. Don't underestimate the power of love! Add love to a religion and you have double trouble! The Left may of had a legitimate impeachment against Nixon but there is nothing even remotely similar against Trump. And remember Republicans still have a right to say against the Lefts deceased President JFK- "He got what he deserved." After all his incompetence at the Bay of Pigs killed thousands of good Cuban Americans. As President JFK had the 'responsibility' to consider that the Russians would come to Cuba's aid. His fault alone and he deserved his final judgement on Earth. So for every Democrat that flaunts Nixon logic we return to them JFK Got What He Deserved in Dallas. So how about it? Lets set our differences aside. Romeo and Juliet don't have to die, we can still learn to get along, it's not too late!

  6. Around 13 minute mark, CBN is pushing a lovely-sounding story about Reagan and the Pope becoming buddies…Just like their Kanye piece, this is an agenda….The Pope right now is making his move for a one world religion…(go check my playlists out….To Catholics, Pope News, and Power Surges…)…Kenneth Copeland, Rick Warren, and many other big church leaders have recently endorsed the Pope ..wake up people. Do not be deceived.

  7. Im tired of this nobody getting so much attention…Yeshua Messiah is the one to be adorned here people!! This man is as Christian as Oprah Winfrey…Until he repents and stays away from people from the new age movement, and prosperity teaching, he is not a follower of the true Christ!! And before I get dung about not judging and praying for this so called "baby Christian"
    Know that he knows exactly what he is doing, and Im not buying what he is selling!! Because he is selling something, but it's not our Lord and Savior Yeshua Messiah!! Stop being star struck and open your eyes!!

  8. It’s easy as Christians to judge. It’s not our job to judge that is up to God. Can we stop with all the hate. And it’s so sick to know it’s coming from fellow Christians. Let’s pray for this dude. If this is a fake let God hook him in his fake and if real let God use him. None of you have a right to scrutinize someone’s faith.

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