Faithwire – How Should Christians Address Transgenderism?

As transgenderism becomes more and more acceptable in today’s culture, it’s more and more important that Christians know how to respond to it in a Christlike way. Dan and Dale discuss what that looks like on this week’s episode of Faith …

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  1. Simply be courageous, face it head on to try to manage a disorienting existence in a flawed society. In the beginning there was 1 man, 1 women and sin is all the same that being said, Jesus simply said "sin no more" period. And yet the entire alphabet community, is at best, 2-4% in a 330mil. US population so ponder that and by the way I'm done w/Chicken-Fl-a

  2. Well, don’t be overtly cruel to them but IMHO they’re on their own and will need to account for themselves as we all must in the end

    As far as bending reality to suit, accommodate and placate a mental illness I REFUSE to play along and pretend. Moreover my refusal to abandon reality in no way removes their humanity, on the contrary my refusal to lie affirms not only their humanity but my own.

  3. You guys are cowards ..paul says expose them …how will the holy spirit convict the world of sin by using us …give u some examples moses ..elijah ..jesus …the apostles of christ exposed sin … ashamed of you guys the bible says in James don't all of u become teachers b cuz u will receive stricter judgement & u guys should not teach b cuz u are cowards …jesus not only showed love but wrath & brought conviction to the sinners …to the sinners that didn't know that they were in sin he showed compassion & love & mercy the Pharisees wrath & judgement & I live it at that ……ill b praying 4 u guys a lot god bless & stay blessed🙏

  4. Transgenders need to be educated about remote mind control technology. Talmudic communists have been creating them with it to human traffick them in proxy wars against Christians and Muslims. Talk to Stewart Swerdlow about mind control.

    I think we need to face the enemy. Transgenders are just being used. The enemy should be considered EXTREMELY dangerous.

  5. Give them the truth and not by screaming at them- don’t join with them that turn from God and the Written Word. We Are with Jesus Christ, our Lord And Savior. Jesus Christ is God Almighty. We belong to HIM. With love and kind ness we try to help them. Don’t go to war . Don’t bend our knees to things that go against Jesus Christ and The Bible. Stay strong in Jesus Holy Name!!!!!

  6. I'm not looking to hurt anyone so I have no problem calling a non-believer by their name. That said, I will not partake in their lie.
    Proverbs 12:22 KJV Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.

    As for the SBC, they are an apostate organization. That's no place to look for doctrine. True believers are commanded to separate from the unruly.
    2 Thessalonians 3:6 KJV Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us.

  7. Christ said not to be LUKEWARM. We are not to fellowship with drunkards, revilers, liars, anyone they lives in the broad path. U cannot serve to masters what is wrong is wrong . The Bible is the Inspired Word of God. All of it and as a Jew the Torah is specific about Levitical Law. Jesus, said go and SIN NO MORE

  8. Transgenderism is UNLIKE homosexuality, and other sexual abberations from Scriptural directives. It really has nothing to do with sexual sin or its expression. It comes from a spirit other than human. It is an abrogation of the creation and created order. It is the defacement and destruction of what God created. Its stronghold is not in the realm of human desire but angelic defiance settling in the mind and spirit of humans. This kind is not like many kinds of unclean spirits. These are entities of a higher order and must be met with purposed prayer, fasting, and an understanding of the non-human, anti-human, antichrist source of this desecrating doctrine.

  9. If you we born male you are male if you were born female you are female. If you choose to differ from that it is a sexual sin and you will need to answer to God not me. We don’t get to choose what sin is that was God we have the choice to repent and walk with him or not. I choose to walk with God. We are all sinners and need a saviour Jesus Christ.

  10. Thanks for addressing this issue. Very helpful.
    Someone who has been attending our church recently is trans gender.
    Well, I've heard enough evidence from experts who say that we can't just go and change our gender with the help of a surgeon, but this person is searching for God, and community. Perhaps a family.
    So thanks for these insights – the timing couldn't have been better.
    My wife and I are trying to be neighbourly in a Christian context.

    I do know one thing.
    Some of the loudest, most aggressive people, who you may even meet in a church, who wish fire, brimstone and bullets rain on these people, are often hiding some very dark secrets from you.

  11. I watched this entire segment, the date is yesterday this is what you missed: Chick-Fil-A is contributing to the Southern Poverty Law Center. How is it proper (or neutral) to support a group looking to destroying and persecuting believers. See their tax records.

  12. Jesus is only moments away from making His appearance here on Earth. When He finally shows up, He will not be sharing His unconditional love with any liberal, Boodist, demoncrat, Mary Worshipper, or any other unsaved person. They will be discarded like trash and shipped off to be dumped into the lake of fire where they will burn forever. Our Lord will wonderfully and gloriously destroy every single unsaved person on this so-called "Planet Earth." Praise His name! And thank God for the unconditional love He shares with everyone who does exactly what He says.

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