CBN NewsWatch AM: December 10, 2019

On Newswatch AM November 10th: Democrats set to introduce two articles of impeachment against President Trump today, on abuse of power and obstruction of justice, a day after a contentious impeachment hearing in the House Judiciary Committee, …

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  1. We should still be mindful of the Jan. 3, 2017 on M$N Madcow's show when lying chuck openly admitted "the intel community has 6 ways to Sunday to get back at you" who were mad at the time w/the Prez and I strongly suspect his assessment hasn't changed. But here's the kicker, it appears the Repubs. weren't clued in w/the (NSL) National $ecurity Letter produced to retrieve the phone call records, however, the (Q) is who signed off or approve the (NSL) National $ecurity Letter which could be enlightening if investigated and exposed…

  2. Understand this!
    And you know who you are!
    For every life for every persecution of God's people you will face judgment!🙏🔥 and you will face hell!
    You will not Escape it in the afterlife you may Escape it here but when you stand before Jesus it's over!
    And not Allah Muhammad Hindu Buddhist or any other so-called deity including science and the universe you will face judgment and you will face hell for an eternity!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. So sad for our brothers and sisters in Christ overseas. Glad our former Archbishop is speaking out. We need to support him. But where are the voices from the rest of the Church of England? Every vicar and deacon should be speaking out. I became aware of this situation earlier this year. Had no clue before.
    Notice it wasn't Britain who gave Asia Bibi asylum but Canada. Muslim converts to Christianity are living in fear in the UK. How long will it be for the rest of us to be in the same situation? The dice are slowly but surely being loaded against us. I refer you to the organisation Christian Concern in the UK. Some rather interesting cases there.
    In a London borough last weekend I witnessed street preachers being hassled and threatened with arrest by men in black clothing (not police or traffic wardens who wear green coats here). Who were they? Shopping centre security? If so, do they have powers of arrest? Anyway our Lord is our shelter and refuge whatever may be coming our way. I guess in the West we've had it easy for so long. Let's keep watch and our lamps lit.

  4. Why so few Christians get to move into a Christian country ? Two reasons, (1) most migrants come via the United Nations thru their Muslim run migrant agency and (2) many countries have had or currently have left wing governments that don’t want Christians ! Most governments don’t realize that they are signing their own death warrants.

  5. Impeachment fiasco is a diversionary tactic…to stop even the talk of a border wall. Read info that said immigrants can only be kept at the border for 90 days…Then they are..Released into American Society. So, the longer the Dems keep the government and public occupied with media focused only on the impeachment, the more all the criminal elements can be let into this country. Or even the helpless immigrants who may or may not actually harbor resentments against the very nation they want to protect them….to our detriment. But, there is an expected payback…and that is votes for the Democrats…desperate to take control of this nation again to advance their agenda of a new world order.

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