CBN NewsWatch AM: December 11, 2019

On Newswatch AM November 11th: Bitter cold weather bringing snow & ice to half the country; authorities believe gunmen in Jersey City were targeting a Jewish grocery store in gun battle that lasted for hours; Israeli parliament begins dissolving …

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  1. Praying the Lord bless America and keep those safe during the cold winter ! We expected cold in mid last century even bring pay loaders to clear neighborhood's ! I remember stranded motorists having food in our home! Strangers ? No just folks we didn't know yet ! God bless !

  2. Stand With Israel and Stand With Trump

    In 2017 President Trump fulfilled Bible Prophecy by Blessing Jerusalem simply with an Embassy of Recognition. Subsequently 128 Countries in the UN voted against Trumps Embassy. Many of us believed that the verse Luke 21-:20 "Jerusalem will be surrounded by Armies of Enemies" was/is already proved by the existence of Iran, Saudi, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and all the Muslim countries that literally did surround Israel by geographical reasoning. However President Trumps Bible Miracle of the 70 Years repeated or Trump 1-12 , done in his 1st year and 12th month in office and aligned with Zechariah 1-12 and Mathew 1-12 both also a recitation of the 70 Years Miracle of old, gave rise to a new meaning of the prophecy. We now know that 128 counties in the world are enemies of Israel. Thus changing the prophecy a bit more drastically against Israel. And Jesus said of that time to his followers "Stand in the Holy Place." Which obviously means We as Christians Must Stand with Israel as like never before in time. And all done on Israels new 70 Years of Rejoicing and fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 2 the rebuilding of the final Temple. Even now Christians and Jews together are preparing a place for the last temple. If you Stand with Israel then you Must Vote for Trump in 2020! +++ I read somewhere in the news online recently that the Democrats voted to recognize Palestine claims against Israel and that would mean a demand that Israel give more lands and rights to access Holy Sites inside Jerusalem to Muslims. We of Christ know this would only mean Muslims would have more abilities to send rockets and bombs into Jewish homes. Do the right thing and vote Trump/Pence in 2020! We are all Jews in Jesus. When he commanded us of such by saying " I did not come to change the laws nor the teachings of the prophets." Mathew 5:17 And Isaiah 2-2 says "And all the nations will flow to the God of the Jews."

  3. Israel is not the holy land, and it's not the eternal capital, , get over it Pat Roberson, , only those Jews along with Gentles. That have been born again in the name of Jesus Christ, by God the Father in heaven, only, are truly Israel, not the Zionist God hating Jews,

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