CBN NewsWatch AM: December 13, 2019

The latest on impeachment hearings in the Senate. It’s called “fairness for all” and addresses both religious freedom and LGBTQ rights. The latestest from Jerusalem on prayer from the Temple Mount and the next round of elections.

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  1. The demon rats are against people. Impeachment will affect the USA economy and credibility in the world. The world watches America. It will affect the middle and lower class. Democrats are not for us they are against us. If they truly care for America then they should compete for the next election instead they are creating drama and have only proven that Joe Biden son was given privileges when in any other scenario dishonorable discharge will not even allow him to get a job. The prosecutors went after the colleges with the parents paying their way through, then why ignore Joe Biden and his son (is the same thing). But the law does not apply to demon rats. They want impeachment against a President that exposed the swamp = democrats

  2. Republicans wont call witnesses, because some of them are also tied to Ukrain. With no trial for the public to learn facts…there is a real danger. There is some strong arming going on in the Senate. Some may defect. Dont be complacent.

  3. Trump CHOSE to surround hi mself with crooks, liars, and shady people during his campaign. Once in office, Trump could've followed the oath he took, but he CHOSE to use our government structure and his power in the World to continue to make shady "deals" for his own personal gain instead of going straight, acting like a President.
    Trump will be impeached. Noone wants it because it is a failure of the highest -privileged office….Embarrassing. But also, Trump cannot be allowed to flaunt the Law of our land. 😠

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