The eye of God is on our money

For some people, the scariest verse in the Bible is Mark 12:41b: Jesus “watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury” (NIV). The thought of Jesus watching how little some of us put in the offering plate at church can be frightening.

The Bible is not the only place where we are reminded that God is watching us in the realm of money. The USA one-dollar bill itself can sober us into considering the fact God is interested in our money. Look closely at the reverse side of a one-dollar bill. You will find yourself looking straight into the “eye of God”. There’s a back story about this you need to know.

After the Revolutionary War, our Founding Fathers, grateful for the many obvious protecting Providences throughout the War, wanted to honor God when it came time to adopt a national seal. Franklin wanted it to be an image of Moses dividing the Red Sea while the Egyptians were being overwhelmed by its waters. Old Ben hoped our motto would be, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” Though a confirmed deist, even Franklin had finally confessed, “God surely was no idle spectator when this great nation was born in his name and with his grace.”

Thomas Jefferson was also feeling grateful. He suggested another Bible image. He wanted our national seal to picture the children of Israel in the wilderness “led by a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.”  Eventually, the legislators adopted a thirteen-layered pyramid, representing the 13 states, being watched over by the “eye of God”. Above this emblem were written the Latin words ANNUIT COEPTIS, which means “He has favored our undertakings.” Yes, even on the back of our one-dollar bills, we are reminded, God is watching our money.

Whether it’s the thought of God watching people give their offerings at the temple, or the idea that “God’s eye” is on us every time we touch a dollar bill—either way, the message is clear. God watches our giving. Since this is the case, we should give to the Lord’s work freely, happily, generously, and wisely. The latter is where the Missouri Baptist Foundation comes in. It can help you give in wise, effective ways, whether you want to give for today, for tomorrow, or for 10,000 tomorrows. Contact your Missouri Baptist Foundation. Let us be a part of your giving team. As we work together for the sake of the Kingdom, the “eye of God” will be pleased with what it sees.

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