Celebrating your commitment to faith freedom for all

This year, we worked together to expand how we talk about faith freedom for all, launching a new website and new digital resources and creating new programs. Our mission hasn’t changed in the past 80 years, but the world in which we work has. Together, we are standing with our neighbors, equipping new advocates and telling the story of why we support faith freedom for all in new ways.

This is crucial as we enter a new decade, sure to be ripe with new challenges and opportunities to stand with our neighbors and continue our country’s guarantee of faith freedom for all. Join us with a tax-deductible gift before the end of the year to propel our shared work into 2020. We are nearing our goal to raise $500,000 from individual supporters like you this year. Will you join the hundreds of other freedom fighters who are part of BJC with a gift today? Now is the time to use your voice and give. Thank you!

Take a look at what we accomplished together in 2019 — we’ll be adding to this list as we approach the end of the decade!

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